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Michigan Notre Dame Recap

Despite stories such as Matt Barnes' arrest, not all recent sports news is bad news - Michigan Notre Dame once again did not disappoint as an early thriller in the college football season, with Michigan defeating Notre Dame 28 to 24 behind a brilliant performance from sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson. Thousands of fans flocked into South Bend from all directions to witness these two historic powers go at it, and the teams put up a fight worth the trip even for those who made the car ride in all the way from Michigan.

Robinson Powers Michigan past Notre Dame

There were highlights aplenty on both sides of the ball, and the game was hard fought from start to finish. But the one player who stood head and shoulders above the rest was Robinson, who rolled up an astounding 502 yards in total offense on his way to victory. He even put the finishing touches on the win himself, by scoring the winning touchdown in the game's final minute of play.

The Michigan Notre Dame game was a back and forth struggle throughout, with Notre Dame looking like the superior team at times and the Wolverines giving them fits at other points. The way the game ended was fitting, because Robinson was clearly the difference maker all day, the best player on the field by far. Fans from all around who came to the game witnessed a special treat in his performance.

This Michigan Notre Dame battle was just another in a series that goes back many decades between the country's two premier historical programs. Both teams in the Michigan Notre Dame rivalry appear poised to rebound from tough times, but this time Michigan came away with a win and some continued early momentum for their season, while Notre Dame had to settle for the consoling fact that they did put themselves in a position to win as time ran out, but couldn't get it done.

Fans Flock to See Game

As usual, Notre Dame Stadium was sold out for the annual Michigan Notre Dame battle. Fans came from all over the country to see their favorite teams compete. Traveling mostly by car, they made the trek willingly due to the excitement that always seems to accompany this game. Even the Wolverines traveled in a team bus from Ann Arbor to South Bend.

Sporting events like these frequently require drivers to make hazardous drives to make it in on time. Traffic congestion gets almost unbearable as you get closer to the game with so many thousands of cars and drivers all sharing the road trying to get to the same destination. When Michigan Notre Dame or other similar matchups occur, traffic is even heavier, because many folks who don't even have a ticket will drive in from Michigan or even further away just for the ambiance and the atmosphere of being in town for the big game.

As drivers make their way to where they need to go, they are faced with numerous dangers, from the heavy traffic to partygoers who may have had too much to drink while enjoying tailgating and pregame festivities. It is extremely important for sports fans headed in to a game like Michigan Notre Dame to be protected and to always be aware of the dangers that surround them at every turn. On the road there are many dangers, and once the car is parked there are threats of vandalism or auto theft. A good car insurance policy is essential.

Importance of Solid Car Insurance

While Michigan and Notre Dame fans surely were not thinking about this while they had sports talk radio blaring on their way in to see Touchdown Jesus and watch the bands play at halftime, the importance of auto insurance in these circumstances cannot be mistaken. Of course, it is always important to be protected, because risk follows you everywhere you go every time you get behind the wheel of a car, truck, or SUV. But in these venues and on the road trying to get there, the risks of trouble increase exponentially. The chances of an accident or other problem are very real.

Drivers who regularly take their vehicles to events such as Michigan Notre Dame football definitely need to think about including comprehensive insurance in their stable of coverage even if they own their cars outright. There are just so many different things that can go wrong when we go to Michigan Notre Dame or other such events that we truly ought to be protected. If your vehicle is worth any money at all, it should be covered with more than just a basic liability policy. Comprehensive and collision complete the plan and give us the protection we need. Get free auto insurance quotes on full coverage policies using the free quote form at the top of this page, and get better car insurance coverage.


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