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Mickey Rooney a Legendary Performer

The career of Mickey Rooney has spanned nearly his entire life. He was born into a performing family, with vaudevillians for parents. He was brought into the family business by the time he was a baby and actually made his big screen debut at the age of 6 playing a cigar smoking midget. This was in 1926; as of 2010 he is still performing and acting and involved in other projects from time to time as well - certainly a longer career than any sports greats like Paul Konerko. Mickey Rooney has had a longer career, a career that has lasted longer than most people's lives, and the development of his career can be likened and compared to the development of the Hollywood movie scene.

Early Career of Mickey Rooney

After the 1926 silent film he appeared in was successful, Mickey Rooney appeared in over 50 films over the next seven years or so, an astonishing number by today's standards. Most actors don't do that many projects over the course of their entire lives these days, even the very successful ones. Of course, the projects he was doing were mostly shorts, and at first they were silent as well, but even so the number is staggering.

After a while, he began to develop a following, and this kid who had been born Joe Yule Jr. started going by the name Mickey McGuire. As he grew into his teens he played a number of very interesting roles, including the part of Puck in a mid 1930s adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Soon he was starring in movies as a character called Andy Hardy, one of the roles that came to define his early career. There were more than a dozen of these movies from the 1930s onward, celebrating domestic life and the simple pleasures that it contained. Normal people could really relate to Andy, and to Mickey Rooney as well. He was famous and loved by many people, people who have policies with online insurance companies, farmers, and folks all over the country.

Musicals with Judy Garland

Mickey Rooney also started doing a number of musicals with Judy Garland around this time. Then he went off to serve in the Second World War, and his career was never exactly the same when he got back. Still, he kept making films and doing all sorts of other things as a performer. Mickey Rooney has never really given up the spotlight even as he has gotten older. He is almost like royalty in Hollywood now, because he is one of the last living vestiges of the early days, a bygone time when the film industry was just getting started and beginning to displace as the buying public's preferred source for this type of entertainment.

Mickey Rooney is well known for the many great roles he has played well into his adulthood, but probably the most remarkable thing about his career has been its sheer span. The fact that he got started so young probably speak to eagerness on the part of his parents; but the fact that he survives tell us something about Mickey Rooney, about his toughness, maybe, and about his durability as a performer. He learned it all on the fly when most kids were just learning how to read and write or how to add and subtract.

Mickey Rooney grew up with the cameras rolling in front of him in a way that few had done before. Examining his life and work, there can be no doubt that he chose the right career path (or that his parents did) when he was a youth. Above all he is a performer.


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