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Military Car Insurance

Military car insurance rates are available for you as a member of the military. It doesn't matter which branch of the military you have served in, you must take advantage of these discount rates because you have sacrificed a great deal for your country and therefore deserve to pay lower rates for insuring your car. Here are a top few ways you can find the best military car insurance rates to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of this special.

Finding Service Member Rates

Most domestic and import car insurance providers recognize and appreciate the service you have given to protecting your country. To show this recognition and appreciation, they offer military car insurance discounts to give you better rates on the policies that they offer. To find and utilize these discounts, you can easily search online for military auto insurance quotes. By searching online, you will spend less time searching for military automobile insurance rates and can instead spend more of the time you have at home with your family members.

The process of requesting military vehicle insurance quotes will vary depending on where you search online. However, you may have the option to mark that you are a service member during the insurance quote request process. By indicating you are a member of the military, hopefully the car insurer quotes you receive will list the special rate up front. This way, you can compare the specials offered by each military car insurance provider to select the best discount.

If a quote that you are considering doesn't list that they offer a service member car driver insurance special, you might want to take the time to contact them and inquire about this service. Some discounts aren't listed up front so taking the time to inquire about it can save you more money in the long run. When you compare car insurance quotes and find that the military discounts vary from one to the next, you could try to bargain with each provider to see if they will offer a better discount to match the other companies. You should do this because the ultimate goal in the search process is to save you the most money.

Qualifying for Discounts

Although the provider you are considering may offer an insurance discount for service member car drivers, you will likely need to provide proof that you have served to receive the discount. The proof that you must provide will likely vary with each insurance company. Some may require that you show a military ID while others may require additional documents. Be sure you know exactly which forms of identification are required by the company you choose to be sure you receive the discount right away.

You will also want to research the terms behind the military car insurance discount you receive. For example, some discounts may only be offered to current members who are serving while other companies may extend the offer to anyone who is currently serving or who was previously serving. If you select a policy from a company who only offers the special to current military members, you will want to inquire on if the benefit will be cut off if you ever leave the army, navy, or whichever branch you are serving in.

Even if you are receiving a monthly car insurance policy discount, you can still inquire on if other benefits are available to get the lowest premium possible. For example, if you are currently serving but are also a student, you should check if the providers you are thinking about selecting also offer a student special. Some companies offer a special to those car drivers who go a certain time period without filing a claim. Therefore, if you are a safe driver and have never been involved in a car accident, you may also be able to get this benefit.

One last way to save on the policy you select is by paying the premium in full every time it is up for renewal. Although a discount isn't offered by every company to those car customers who pay their policies in full, this is available to some drivers. Therefore, if you have enough cash on reserve, you could benefit greatly by paying the policy up front. Doing this can also save the hassle of trying to remember to send in a monthly payment which can be a major hassle if you are currently on active duty.

If, after selecting a military car insurance policy, you are put on active duty and are required to deploy, you will want to contact the provider immediately. The representative you speak with will likely have recommendations on what you should do with the policy, whether it is putting it on hold while you are overseas or cancelling the plan until you go off of active duty.


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