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Mini Car Insurance - Cooper Coverage Explained

When it comes to Mini auto insurance, many people wonder if the price will match the size - is the Mini cheaper to insure simply because it is one of the smallest vehicles on the road? This is not as easy to answer as you might think. There are a number of factors that go into the price of vehicle insurance, the selection of vehicle being only one of them. Furthermore, the car coverage rates will depend on how the model holds up in terms of theft, repair costs and safety. So how does the Mini measure up? Read on:
Mini Models: Massive Popularity

The Mini is known for three main things- number one is its legendary cameo appearances in the Austin Powers movies as well as The Italian Job, Lara Croft and several other action packed blockbusters; number two is the sleek, compact and adorably cute style; and, number three is the incredibly smooth ride and punch that is packed into this mini-mobile.

The Mini was first produced by the British Motor Corporation in 1959 and became a legend on the road throughout the 60's. Now, nearly 50 years later, this zippy little automobile has made its way into showcases around the world with Coopers hitting the roads in countries such as Spain, Belgium, Chile, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Uruguay, Australia, Venezuela, USA and Yugoslavia, to name a few.
The Cooper is currently the model du jour in America with several different versions hitting the showrooms and the highways. The Cooper comes in three standard models - the original Cooper (available in hard top or convertible), the Cooper S (available in hard top or convertible) and the Cooper Clubman.

Here are some of the awards that the Cooper has won over the last few years :

- "Best Overall Car Over $24,000", 2009, awarded by Intellichoice.
- "Best Resale Value Compact Car", 2009, awarded by Kelly's Blue Book
- "Five Star Crash Safety Rating", 2009, awarded by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
- "Top Ten Green Cars", 2008, awarded by Kelly's Blue Book
- "Most Wanted Coupe under $30,000", 2007, awarded by Edmunds
- "All Star Award for Best Small Car," 2004, awarded by Automobile Magazine
- "Consumer Choice Award," 2004, awarded by Autobytel, Inc.
- "Car of the Century," 1995, awarded by Autocar Magazine
- "Number One Classic Car of All Time", 1996, awarded by Classic and Sports Car Magazine
- "European Car of the Century," 1999, awarded by Global Automotive Elections Foundation

Mini Car Insurance Prices

Driving a Mini does not, unfortunately, promise a mini car insurance rate. When it comes to car insurance rates, the model ranks in the middle; you can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $3000 for this coverage. The Cooper models do not make any ‘cheapest vehicles to insure' lists but they also do not make any ‘most expensive' lists either. They are right in the middle.

You can expect a higher coverage premium from the Cooper S model rather than simply the standard model because the S series gives the car a ‘sporty' feel. This makes it more susceptible to theft as well as collision. Furthermore, the fact that these models are compact means that, if they come head to head in a road accident, they are more likely to crumble, especially when up against some of the monsters on the road today such as the Land Cruiser or the Hummer.

However, there is light at the end of the Mini auto insurance tunnel - it is possible that you can get a huge discount on your coverage simply by shopping around. Here's why:

Choosing your Mini Car Insurance Carrier

You may have noticed that more and more coverage companies keep popping up. Whether you are watching television, surfing the net or scanning the radio stations, there seems to constantly be an advertisement for car insurance. Vehicle coverage is as competitive as ever with coverage carriers expanding left, right and center. Not only do Mini owners have the option of insuring their vehicle from a number of different companies but there is also the option of choosing co-operative coverage. All of this competitive is great for the customer as it means these companies are lowering their prices and rates in an attempt to lure you in. By performing a quick online search of the different Mini vehicle insurance rates, you can actually stand to save a small fortune on car insurance. Just make sure you consider the following things when choosing your Mini car insurance carrier:

Sure, the rate that your Mini car insurance carrier gives you is of utmost importance; however, there are more things to consider than simply the price. When you are doing an online search of the various Mini vehicle insurance rates, do not simply choose whatever price pops up as the lowest. Read the fine print and weigh the pros and cons to each carrier's offer before making any decision. Although hopefully you will not have to put your Mini car insurance to the test, it's best to be safe and secure in your choice, rather than sorry down the road.

First of all, consider the deductibles offered by the company. Lower deductibles are not always best so it is best to look into the different options and think about how your lifestyle will be affected by the various deductibles offered.

Secondly, think about the reputation of the insurance carrier. There are so many car insurance companies on the map today that it can be hard to know who is valid. Consider looking over some of the companies' credentials and awards by checking out the various websites. You want to be sure that your insurance company will not cause problems down the road and will, in fact, protect you when you need it most. Although an unknown company may be the cheapest, how will they compare when put to the test? You want to choose a carrier company that offers reliable service, especially if you have to file a Mini car insurance claim.

Finally, consider the different policy packages involved in Mini automobile insurance. All insurance carriers will offer liability insurance but what else is involved in the policy? Is your vehicle covered in case of a fire, a flood or a thunder storm? What about in case of a theft or vandalism? Or how about if you cause the accident - will your car still be protected? What happens if your vehicle is completely damaged - does the Mini automobile insurance policy offer to pay for the costs of renting a replacement vehicle as well? Make sure you look into all the extras that are included in the price. Read the fine print now to avoid kicking yourself down the road.

Driving a Mini is not only fun, but it can also be quite convenient, especially if you need to wedge into ultra-small parking spots or make a quick turn on the road. Although the size of the vehicle may be teeny, it still comes jammed packed with massive features. Furthermore, you can expect less-than-mini rates when it comes to Mini car insurance. Unfortunately, size isn't everything and this couldn't be truer than on the road to finding a discount in Mini car insurance.



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