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Alleged Missle over California Confounds Experts

Mel Gibson and his custody battle has taken a backseat in the news to an even more disturbing development.  The November 10 contrail that appeared over the horizon off the Los Angeles coast was conjectured initially to be a possible missle over California. The contrail or condensation trail was spotted that day, an unusually clear day, and filmed and the film was then posted online, where it became a sensation. As the mystery deepened, reporters were dispatched to various government and military branches and agencies in hopes of getting an answer as to what it might be.

Government Agencies Know Nothing

Some speculated at first that it had been an incoming missle from off shore. This theory was quickly put to rest, but a more popular one said it was a missle over California that may have been fired by a government group or a private entity. Reporters inquired about the California incident with the following governmental and military entities: the Pentagon; the Air Force; the Navy; the North American Aerospace Defense Command; the U.S. Northern Command; and the Federal Aviation Administration [1]. But the one thing all these different groups shared in common was the fact that they knew nothing, or at least nothing they were willing to share. One official in the Navy did volunteer that it was not a Navy missle [1].

Still, the story would not go away, and thus many civilian groups tried to solve the mystery. As is the case so frequently, the video got very famous very quickly and spread like wildfire all through the Internet, making it accessible to scientists and armchair theorists everywhere. Though many people were trying very hard to make this into a case of an actual visible missle over California, the most objective observers were over that explanation quickly and began to wonder what could have caused such an image to appear. The main trouble with the theory that it was a missle seemed to be that the contrail moved far too slowly.

Contrail Rises Upward from Horizon

Yet in the video the contrail is shown rising upward from the horizon, the same way a missle over California would. It was clear before too long that California was in no imminent danger, and before long the panic mode that Web sensations so often put people in gave way to curiosity. If this thing appearing over California was not a missle, then what was it? The answer led thinkers back to the original day when the video was taken. Once again, the day the so called missle over California was filmed was an unusually clear day. What most theorists have decided aside from government agencies who won't say anything at all is that the object over California was actually a plane and that it was not really heading skyward but really flying parallel to the horizon.

What caused this optical illusion with the mysterious contrail was the fact that visibility was so incredible that day, making it possible so see something like this which some have estimated must have been 300 miles away [1]. Whether that distance is reliable, or just a guess, remains to be seen. But something that is certain is that even in this age of instant information and instant access to anything we could ever want to know, civilian and military car insurance policyholders everywhere are still as gullible as they ever were. According to many experts, there have been several of these contrails in recent years, so anyone curious enough could have probably Googled the solution instead of hitting the panic button. Still, it is fun to speculate on things like the missle over California.

[1] Retrieved 2010-11-14.


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