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Missouri Car Insurance Comparison Shopping

Missouri car insurance comparison shopping is a major key for drivers who want to save some money on their auto insurance. It is important to comparison shop if you want to make sure to get the best deal. Relying on just one company to provide the best price is a dicey prospect at best. No one company can save everyone money on their Missouri auto policies because all insurers have different pricing models and look at variables in different ways.

For example, if you had an at fault accident a few years back, one major insurer might look at it as a very important event and something that indicates you are a high risk driver. There are typically high premiums for car insurance evaders as well.  You might even be ineligible for standard auto insurance coverage. But at another company, an accident a few years back with no other collisions or moving violations might do very little to raise your rates. It pays to shop around because every company works with the data differently, even though they all basically use the same set of data when underwriting accounts for their customers.

Missouri Auto Insurance law

Financial responsibility is at the heart of Missouri auto insurance law, as it is in many states. The basic premise behind the concept of financial responsibility in auto insurance is just what it sounds like. It says that drivers should be counted on to be responsible for the financial damage they cause to others in at fault accidents. Missouri law requires that all drivers and auto owners maintain adequate motor vehicle liability insurance protection.

To keep the law we all need to maintain these policies and keep them current, not allowing lapses in coverage. Even just a short coverage lapse is a violation of state law; and more importantly, it exposes us to unnecessary risk. Every year there are thousands of citizens in the state involved in auto accidents with motorists who for one reason or another have no auto insurance at the time of the accident. The impact of uninsured motorists making these choices ranges from unpaid claims following collisions to higher rates on liability insurance for everyone in the state. It is important to keep in compliance with the law and to maintain auto liability insurance.

Registering a Vehicle in Missouri

Registering a vehicle in the state of Missouri is required for anyone who wishes to get license plates for newly purchased vehicles or to renew their plates when they are set to expire at the end of each annual cycle. Owners of automobiles in the state are required to show their proof of insurance when they go to register a vehicle for the first time or whenever their registration renewal comes up. All drivers are also required by state law to keep some proof of insurance in their vehicles at all times. If a law enforcement officer asks for it, you can be ticketed if you are unable to show proof of insurance, even if the car is insured [1].

Minimum Missouri Auto Liability Requirements

Auto liability insurance is required for all drivers and auto owners in the state of Missouri, whether it's student, adult, or teen car insurance. Liability insurance covers the insured policy holder and takes care of their legal financial liability when injuries or property damage to others occurs as a result of their actions behind the wheel. The state sets minimum levels of acceptable coverage for split limit liability policies sold and administered by state insurers. Auto insurance companies are not even allowed to offer policies in Missouri that do not meet state minimums for liability insurance, so as drivers we can pretty safely assume that our insurers are well informed on these figures. But it is good to be familiar with them as consumers as well. Companies often offer policies in excess of the minimums as their standard insurance levels because they typically recommend these higher limits for the additional protection they offer. But any state driver who prefers a bare bones policy can get one if they wish.

The minimums for coverage in the state of Missouri are $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 per accident for property damage. Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage is also required for all drivers. The minimums for UM protection are $25,000 for one person and $50,000 per accident, same as the liability limits for bodily injury. If you don't have insurance on your car and you're pulled over or involved in an accident, the state Department of Revenue will be notified. At any given time, the Department may ask you to prove that you have car insurance [1].

Missouri car insurance comparison shopping is important because as drivers in the state, we all have to be insured to avoid possible punitive consequences.

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