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Mitsubishi Car Insurance Statistics and Vehicle Selection

Mitsubishi car insurance and Mitsubishi Motors have only been around since the early 1900's and during this time have managed to make quite a stir on and off the road. Currently Mitsubishi Motors are the 6th largest Japanese automaker with models sold all over the world. Their vehicles have won numerous awards over the years and they continue to be competitive in their range of vehicles, trucks, SUV's and even in motor sports. It is no wonder more and more people are turning to this trusty Japanese company for their driving needs. Furthermore, because Mitsubishi is so competitive on the highways today, Mitsubishi auto insurance also tends to be reasonable in regards to policy rates. However, it is important to look behind the logo when comparing Mitsubishi car insurance policies.

Factors to Consider in Mitsubishi Car Insurance Rates

Raider? Endeavour? Eclipse? Which is the right Mitsubishi model for you and your family? Below are some factors to consider in regards to Mitsubishi car insurance. Your choice in vehicle will not only depend on the rate you can get for vehicle insurance but it is always worth knowing what you can expect down the road.

• Two door models, such as the Eclipse and the Eclipse Spyder are going to be more expensive to insure, based on the statistics that suggest two door vehicles are 93% more likely to be stolen . With higher anti theft rates, you can also expect higher Mitsubishi automobile insurance costs.
• The 2010 Lancer series including the Lancer Evolution and the Lancer Sportback have won numerous awards for safety ratings and thus you can expect lower Mitsubishi car insurance from these two sedans.
• The crossover vehicles as well as the trucks featured in the 2010 range may come with higher gas prices and higher MRSP's but you can actually save on Mitsubishi automobile insurance by choosing these larger vehicles. The reason is because, in a road accident, the crossover vehicles, such as the Outlander as well as the Endeavour and the Raider will hold up better than the smaller vehicles that tend to crumble under pressure.

Of course, car insurance does not only come down to the type of vehicle you drive. Your car insurance rate will also depend on all of these factors

• Where you live: states and cities all have very different rates on vehicle coverage. If you live in a city with a high crime rate, then the average on car insurance is likely to be more expensive. If you live in the country where there are fewer cars on the road, you can expect cheaper coverage. Currently the average national rate for car insurance is $1,796 but cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Los Angeles have averages of over $3,000 while smaller towns such as Raleigh, Green Bay and Chattanooga have averages under $1000 . It all depends on where you choose to call ‘home.'

• Your age and driver's experience: young drivers and those who have not purchased vehicle coverage before can expect higher coverage rates than those with plenty of experience on the road. If you are over 55, you should be able to find policies for a fraction of the cost.

• Your driving records: for those who have maintained a clear driving record all of these years, now is your time to be rewarded. If your Mitsubishi car insurance carrier is not offering you a great discount due to your perfect driving history, then it's time to start thinking about switching to a carrier that does.

• Your credit report: unfortunately your credit report affects everything in your life, including your ability to find cheap vehicle policies. So try as hard as you can to pay off any of those looming credit card debts and other unsecured credit that could be dragging your credit score down.
Additional Safety Statistics and Fun Facts About Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Car Insurance
Here are some more fun statistics about Mitsubishi vehicles and what you can expect from Mitsubishi vehicle insurance:

• The Mitsubishi Motors Company was awarded with the prestigious "Company of the Year" at the 13th annual Urban Wheel Awards. This award recognized the Motor Company for its achievements in promoting diversity within the automotive industry. It is always a good feeling knowing you are driving a vehicle that comes from such excellent standards and grounded roots .

• For all you dog owners looking into purchasing a vehicle that is not only easy on the eyes and on the road, but also pet-friendly, the Outlander CUV might be the right choice for you. Bark Buckle UP and Edmonds recently named the Outlander as one of the Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles which is a great plus for anyone who wants to bring their canine pal with them on weekend trips. It was also named "Dog Car of the Year" by Dog Cars. As anyone who owns a dog knows, your furry friend is truly part of the family and will most likely expect to be invited on all vehicle adventures. The Outlander also won the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety Top Safety Award which is another reason to opt for this crossover vehicle .

• The Lancer is one of the smartest choices for your compact car needs. It has won several awards over the years including Auto Pacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety Top Safety Award in 2008. For a little car, the Lancer not only promises excellent driving and safety features but it also offers relatively low Mitsubishi auto insurance. Plus, it looks great on the road which is always a plus!

• For those looking into the high performance sports sedan for your driving needs, there is also good news. Recently the Evolution was named "Best Performance Car under $50,000" by Motoring 2009 .

• In regards to Mitsubishi car insurance, you can expect an average rate from your car insurance carriers. Three ways your car choice can impact your car insurance is in regards to safety, in regards to collision and damage costs, and in regards to previous thefts of that make and model. If your vehicle is a theft favorite and costs a lot to fix, such as the Mirage, then you can expect higher coverage rates. However, if your car has won awards for safety, such as the Lancer, and is built strong, such as the Outlander, then you can expect lower coverage rates. It all depends on what you are looking for in a Mitsubishi model.

When it comes to searching for Mitsubishi vehicle insurance, you should always compare the different carriers in regards to their rates as well as their policy packages. Because there are so many different companies competing for your business, you can actually benefit from doing your homework and being selective. Coverage companies want you as a customer and thus they are going to do everything in their power to offer you the best rate to secure your business. Use this competition to your advantage. With an online comparison wizard on your computer screen and a Mitsubishi vehicle in your garage, finding cheap Mitsubishi car insurance should be a smooth ride.


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