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Monthly Car Insurance

At times it is necessary to get a monthly car insurance policy. If a friend or relative is visiting for a period of time and wants to use your car, a monthly car insurance policy is in order. In this way anything that occurs will not go on your record. The same concept can apply when going on vacation, for example, to California. While there a monthly car insurance policy covers you for the vacation period. 

Some people might consider a regular insurance policy for 6 months as a monthly car insurance policy if paid in installments, rather than in a lump sum payment. Technically this is true. Each month an amount is deducted from your account and you can terminate the policy after a month. You will pay less when doing this but the insurance company will be careful in giving you another 6 month policy. They will rightfully be concerned that you are "gaming" them by getting cheaper rates by purchasing on a 6 month basis and then leaving them abruptly. This is because it is common sense that rates are cheaper when a full policy is purchased. 

When applying over the internet for short term auto insurance this is the way to go in order to save time, a policy can be sent to you and payment charged to your account. Coverage can begin almost immediately. This method is great for a child returning from college and spending time at home on spring break or over the summer. Monthly car insurance has your child covered before a return to college. Young drivers are higher risks and it is better to have them on their own coverage, rather than an unforeseen occurrence involving them causing your rates to rise.

A monthly car insurance policy is the preferred way to go if you take ill or are injured. While recuperating, someone else can use your car under a monthly car insurance policy, again freeing you from any liability. When your car is in for major repairs and you borrow a friend's or relative's car, obtaining a monthly car insurance policy is the way to go.

Monthly car insurance usually must be a policy lasting less than 28 days, so it runs a bit short of a full month of coverage. Keep in mind that companies have more stringent standards when issuing a monthly and one day car insurance policy. An excellent driving record should be emphasized when applying online to save time. Tell the company the usual facts to get the best deal possible on monthly car insurance. Being married, a recent defensive driving course completed on your record and being a homeowner can reduce the monthly car insurance rate. Some companies are particular in what car you want insured prior to approving a monthly car insurance policy. Monthly car insurance policies could be programmed to ask a few more questions about the condition of your car and who will be driving it.

If the monthly car insurance policy costs you more than using the present policy, it is the price of peace of mind. The few dollars in extra payments for a monthly car insurance policy is far better than having someone's negligence or bad luck applied to your policy. The increased payments and headaches involved with this are simply not worth it.

When applying for monthly car insurance, get the coverage that is required for the place you are driving in, and the conditions there. Remember if using a car in an unfamiliar place, this increases the risk of something going wrong. Make sure your monthly car insurance has ample coverage for bodily injury and property damage. The bodily injury in the monthly car insurance covers you in the event someone outside of your car is hurt. This can result in a lawsuit, requiring good coverage or your home and other possession could be put at risk. Saving on bodily injury and property damage coverage is foolish. Cover yourself with ample monthly car insurance policy coverage.


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