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Motorcycles, also known as motorbikes, bikes, or cycles, are single track two wheeled motor vehicles. There are many different styles that vary widely in their design and intended use. Some of them are made for cruising long distances. Others are intended more for weaving through traffic in the city. And still other motorcycles were designed for use in dirt tracks and off road applications. They are one of the most affordable ways people can get around in a motorized fashion - we aren't all as good on our feet as Lashawn Merritt. In many countries, they are also the most common motor vehicle type.

Motorcycles of different varieties each have their own personality, and increasingly as their variety expands over time, these machines are actually marketed to buyers based on their personality as well. Different brands market to different segments of the population, even brands that are in the same price range and that are essentially the same style or that have very similar performance attributes. These are more than just ways to get where you are going. In the U.S. especially, they are status symbols as well, with an ambience that very few cars can rival.

Motorcycle Dynamics

Different types of motorcycles have very different ways of performing and responding to the rider. The dynamics of a motorcycle are no accident; they are all part of its design and are intended to be a part of the rider experience. For example, so called choppers that have a very long wheelbase give the impression of much greater stability and control, giving riders more of a feeling of being in charge of the road and imbuing them with confidence. These setups also help bikes not to respond so severely to changes in road conditions. The tires on bikes also greatly impact dynamics and handling.

Riders have to lean on their bikes in order to make turns. Leaning is done through counter steering, a method in which the rider actually turns the handlebars in the opposite direction from that which they want to turn. But if they don't counter steer into a turn, riders can be thrown from motorcycles and the cycles can crash. It is interesting to students of the properties of dynamics to note that stability through turns is actually produced in this manner. Still, it must be noted that counter steering can be overdone as well, and a feathery touch is necessary at any speed to make the lean work.

Motorcycles and Car Insurance

Most motorcycle owners in the U.S. are also auto owners. Many discount auto insurance companies will also insure motorcycles. For folks who own a car or two and a motorcycle, it can be financially beneficial to insure both on the same policy. Sometimes we can get discounts for our auto and motorcycle insurance policies by bundling both together with the same carrier. This is a good way to save money on these plans, though for many people they are already quite affordable principally because motorcycles are not worth as much as the average car and they do not do as much property damage to others when they are involved in accidents.

Motorcycles are extremely popular motor vehicles in many parts of the world. In many countries they are an essential mode of transportation. In the United States, they are more commonly thought of as a pleasure vehicle or a toy. However, there are some riders who go everywhere on their bikes. The popularity of motorbikes is amazing, with hundreds of millions of them on the roads all over the earth. Motorcycles are intriguing and exciting vehicles and a great alternate means of transportations for those who prefer a wilder ride.


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