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Multiple Vehicle Auto Insurance Policies

Multiple vehicle auto insurance policies are unique in some ways from single car policies. As far as insuring vehicles is concerned, the more you have the better your price per car will be. The majority of families these days drive more than one vehicle. Getting into an affordable insurance policy for multi vehicle families in any state, from Idaho car insurance to California car insurance is easier than some people realize. There are many benefits for insurance consumers who own and insure more than one vehicle on a single policy.

Insure Multiple Vehicles Together

If you have multiple vehicles in your household, as a general rule it is best to insure them on one single policy. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, like when one family member runs a business out of the home and needs a commercial policy for a business owned car or truck. But by and large the most economical means for multiple drivers living under one roof to get insurance on their cars is to do it together on one single policy. Some people who live together but are not married assume that they are ineligible for this type of coverage, and carry separate policies for their cars. In most cases there is no marriage requirement of any kind. Typically the only fact of interest is the home address listed on the cars' registration. If they are the same, they can be insured on the same policy.

When more than one car gets together on a common insurance policy it provides great flexibility for both or all of the drivers in the household. Car insurance policies covering a family fleet of vehicles give each driver the ability to get behind the wheel of any of the cars, so different circumstances requiring different cars are not a problem. This is also a great way to save money on insurance for a whole house full of drivers.

Multi vehicle policies get the cars covered and can list one driver as the named insured with the other drivers added into the policy. This is in contrast with a whole group of single car policies where each member of the family would have to be the named insured and the primary driver on a car. These policy details do differ among the many car insurance companies, of course. Some want full details only on the principal driver, while others require all such details for any other operators added to the car insurance policy.

Adding Vehicle to Existing Policies

Adding a car or multiple cars to an existing auto insurance policy is very easy. All you have to do is contact your insurance company and give them the information they request pertaining this vehicle and its driver. Policy holders who are adding another vehicle to an existing multi vehicle policy my need to get with the company and give them whatever they may require to make the change and to credit the policy back with a possible additional discount. In many cases, savings for multi car policies can be had for as many as five cars or more. Different companies have different standards and it is impossible to generalize with any accuracy or predict what any specific company might do for you as a customer without contacting them directly.

But car insurance discounts for multi car policies are fairly standard. As mentioned earlier, these discounts are often added in even for cars added beyond the second or third one. Multi vehicle discounts are possible on auto home insurance because dealing with customers on multiple cars under just one policy instead of several saves the insurer money. Only one representative is assigned to the policy which saves on administrative cost. Just in terms of efficiency it helps the insurer on their end, so naturally these savings come back to us as drivers.

Save Money on Multi Car Policies

There are many great ways to save on multi vehicle car insurance policies. Discounts for added cars combine with other savings like lesser overall renewal fees to spread savings across the expense of owning and operating each vehicle. The way it works out, each driver ends up paying a lesser rate than they would with their own single car policy. So, consumers as well as insurers save in these circumstances.

Finding ways to save on car insurance makes the cost of coverage more affordable for all of us. Multi car policies are a great way to save simply for having more than one car in your garage. It's a source of cost cutting that we can claim without having to do anything special to qualify.

Smart consumers will shop around for the best prices on car insurance policies for their families. Use our free quote form to get prices on multiple vehicle auto insurance policies and save money on your insurance premiums.


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