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Nadal Wins US Open Final

Along with the recent news of Tom Brady's car accident, the world of sports has had many important headlines including news that the US Open final ended in a long anticipated Open championship for Rafael Nadal, who finally won his first Open title and became only the sixth tennis player to win a career Grand Slam. Troublesome to certain spectators watching in New York was the fact that Nadal won the Open without having to face his longtime rival and former world number one, Roger Federer. Nadal's opponent in the final Novak Djokovic took care of any possibility of that happening by handling Federer in the US Open semifinals. With Federer struggling somewhat as of late, some US Open enthusiasts wonder whether they will ever get to see another Nadal Federer Open final like so many of them craved this year.

Nadal Defeats Djokovic for Title

But at least for now, the answer to that question will have to remain open. In the meantime, the man who perhaps more than any of the other all time greats has had to spend a good part of his career in the shadow of another is finally getting his day in the sun. Nadal has certainly played the part ever since taking over the number one ranking in the world. Winning this US Grand Slam tournament was always the one part missing from his resume, until now. As he has gotten older and his game has matured, Nadal has become more effective on all surfaces. Once known as a true clay specialist, he now boasts championships on all surfaces, including all of the major hardware players dream of when they are growing up. There was a time when it seemed as though he'd never win a US Open, but with this accomplishment done by age 24 the only question remaining is how many more majors he might have left in him.

Spectators and US fans of the sport have grown used to epic Nadal Federer duels on all surfaces. A US Open final featuring the two this year would have been sweet for many US Open spectators for whom the men's side of the sport includes those two and then everyone else. In fact, many US fans actually visibly complained when Djokovic defeated Federer as if he had done something wrong. In their minds, they didn't drive all this way and spend the money to sit at Center Court to watch the number one player in the world take on anyone else but his main rival.

US Spectators at the Open

US born spectators of men's professional tennis tend to prefer American players. But the rivalry between the Swiss Federer and the Spanish Nadal has transcended our nationalistic tendencies. But even with this being said, it could be argued that it is the transcendent greatness of these two players and not some increase in American tolerance for foreign born stars that explains this. We need only recall the incredible popularity of Andre Agassi even while his play was ghastly to understand that nationality plays a big role for most of us Americans. That's why it is encouraging to see huge crowds drive out to see these matches even after the last American born player has already bowed out of the men's side of the draw.

Driving to the US Open is not exactly like driving to a baseball game. There are many people across the country that might follow the sport online or in the newspaper, but in general it is not one of the top two or three sports in the country in terms of popularity among the masses. Those who come to see this tournament are the true fans of the sport; and they come from all over the country to get to New York to watch it all go down. Some folks make the trip each and every year.

US Open and Auto Insurance

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