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Natalie Portman Film Builds Oscar Buzz

News of Lil Wayne's release from prison is not the only major entertainment headline.  Natalie Portman stars in a new psychological thriller Black Swan that is generating some serious buzz around the industry as it makes its way through various high art festivals and onto the big screen in the U.S. Black Swan follows the life of a ballerina and examines her mental downward spiral as her ambition gets the best of her. The movie is thought by many to be the vehicle that may help Natalie Portman finally shed the Hollywood good girl image she has been saddled with for so many years. Even shaving her head for V is for Vendetta didn't do the trick. It is pretty hard to overcome something like the Star Wars franchise in trying to build a varied repertoire. But this actress is trying to do her best at the very least.

One of the key elements that every Hollywood bad girl seemingly has to do at least once is a controversial role involving elements from mental illness to love scenes with other female leads. Natalie Portman accomplishes all of this in Black Swan. It is interesting the way the community of critics has responded to this movie. Many are raving about the film and calling it Oscar worthy on top of praising her individual performance. Others are saying almost the opposite; that the movie is over the top bad and is almost so terrible that it is good in a backwards sort of way. But in any case the film is getting some heavy press, which can't be a bad thing as it comes into the theatres.

Co Starring with Winona Ryder

Interestingly enough, this new Natalie Portman vehicle also costars Winona Ryder, a slightly older actress who might be looked at as a role model of sorts for any young thespian trying to break from conventional roles and prepackaged casting. Ryder probably had an early advantage on her career by being paired up with Johnny Depp, who seems to be a magnet for less than conventional scripts and directors (especially Tim Burton). Perhaps in the experience of filming Natalie Portman learned a thing or two from the star of Girl, Interrupted. Whether or not this is true, one thing is clear: there is plenty of talent to go around, and enough girl power to please female and male ticket buyers.

Educational and Stage Acting Background

In spite of what might be thought of as a neatly packaged image, Natalie Portman is actually quite the accomplished actress and a young person with tremendous intellectual gifts. Not all car insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance consumers can say they graduated from Harvard University as Natalie Portman did, and very few of us have done stage acting work on and off Broadway including works by Chekhov and other literary greats. In the course of her young life she has made some very definite choices to take charge of her own career, and some of these choices may now be showing their full fruits.

Audiences so far have been very impressed with this latest Natalie Portman movie, and it seems as though it is also a strong candidate to do well in the annual awards circuit. It is not always easy to accomplish something like pleasing the critics and the masses. In this latest star turn Natalie Portman might have found a role that can help her do it. It is interesting to watch young actors and actresses and to examine the decisions they make on roles to take on and things of that nature. Natalie Portman still has a long career ahead of her, that's for certain.


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