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Negotiate a Better Claim Settlement

Negotiate a better claim settlement and you will be in much better shape to move forward after an accident. Auto insurance claims can be a big source of headache for claimants, and in all honesty they are no picnic for adjusters either. It is important as a car insurance policyholder to do what you need to in order to fully leverage your position in these situations. As much money as we pay for these policies, we need to make sure we get value out of them when it is time to file a claim.

Total Loss Claims

There are many times when cars are deemed a total loss following an accident and the auto insurance company chooses to cut a check to the policyholder rather than fix the automobile. These decisions are simply based on an assessment of the value of the vehicle in question on the day before the accident, essentially. And this assessment is at the heart of a lot of conflict between drivers and car insurance adjusters. Keeping kids in back seats will hopefully help keep you from making a claim like this for yourself.

The choice to total a car is based on a calculation of its value and the projected cost of repair. Basically, if the car is going to cost more than a certain percentage of its book value to repair, it is deemed a total loss and the insurer simply pays out for that loss from the policyholder’s collision policy. But there are a few different problems that can come up when these decisions are being made. When that assessment of value comes in, it can create conflict if the driver thinks the car is worth more than what the insurer is set to pay out.

And of the cost of repair differs from what’s being projected enough to sway the decision one way or the other, it creates issues as well. Negotiating a better auto insurance claim settlement involves making sure your interests are fully represented and ensuring that you have every dollar you have coming to you. It also means making sure the right choices are made with the car following an accident.

Choosing to Total a Car

For instance, there are times when drivers actually want their cars totaled and the insurance company instead elects to repair them, either because their assessed value of the vehicle is higher than expected or because they come up with projected repair costs that are too low. But the essence of car collision insurance is the responsibility to restore a car to its previous condition after an accident. If an auto repair can’t really restore a car, then it really should by all rights be totaled.

On the opposite end are drivers whose cars get totaled but who do not get the money they think they should for the value of the vehicle. This is always important, but especially when you owe money on a car or have put extra money into it with upgrades over. There are fairly standard appeals procedures that include using an arbitrator to settle your dispute over the amount of the payout, and in the meantime the insurer is obligated to pay for the amount that is not in dispute.

Getting a better end outcome on your car insurance collision claim settlement negotiations really requires some work on your part. You have to be able to demonstrate that the insurance company was mistaken in their assessment of the value of the car or the choice to total. Get a good payout on your claim and make sure you’re protected by a quality insurer. Use our free quote form to compare local car insurance prices.


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