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Negotiating Used Car Prices

Negotiating used car prices is really an art form, something that can really benefit buyers if they know a lot about it. There are some things that you need to be aware of as you head in to buy a used car, things that can save you some money on your purchase. Used vehicles can be very good bargains for buyers and can give us a lot of value in the purchase, but we need to be careful to pay attention to what we’re doing and to what we’re agreeing to spend as well so we don’t end up paying more than we should.

Tips for Buying Used Cars

First of all, whether the vehicle is on the dealer lot or in a driveway, there is normally some room in the price to haggle, and you should be aware of that. The only exception exists with private sellers that indicate their prices are “firm”, which means the listed price is the only price they will accept for their cars. A tip that is very helpful sometimes is that some sellers actually don’t realize what “firm” means when they put it in their ads and their for sale signs. If you call up a seller and inquire about whether the listed price is really the lowest price they will take, many will back off a bit.

You might even see that same car listed for different prices in different places, which is of course an advantage for you as a buyer. If a car is stickered on the lot or at the home of the owner for a price that you consider too high, find out right away whether that price, like claim settlement negotiations, is negotiable. If it is, proceed with looking over the vehicle and maybe discussing some numbers. But if is not and you really think the seller is asking too much, there are plenty of other cars out there that you might be able to get a better deal on.

Best Used Car Prices

The key for folks buying used cars is usually their price. If the price didn’t matter, most of us would probably go ahead and buy a new vehicle. But for the majority of drivers purchasing used, price does matter. And that is why negotiating and getting the best used car price is so important. If a seller seems willing to bargain or indicates that there is some flexibility in the price, think about what you believe the vehicle is worth and maybe offer a little less than that.

Don’t insult a seller with a low ball offer unless you think you can swoop in and take the car for such a low price. Doing so will usually just make them mad and prevent any meaningful car price negotiation. Usually if you are not too far off from the seller’s assessment of the car’s value or what they are trying to get for it, you can at least get them to give you a counteroffer, which many times will be about halfway between their original asking price and your first offer. In many cases, this is a good deal to take.

Car Insurance for Used Cars

Another point to ponder on used car pricing is in your car insurance policy. If you are trying to choose between a few different used vehicles, look at car insurance rates for both of them and see if there is a significant difference. Use our free quote form and check prices with multiple local insurers to save as much as you possibly can. Save money on insurance for your used car.


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