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Nevada Tips for Saving on Car Insurance

Nevada is a highly popular tourist destination. Between the broad appeal of Las Vegas and its picturesque landscapes, it is also a highly sought after location to live in. It remains the only state in the United States where prostitution is legal, and it is also the home of the largest gambling industry in the United States. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a long time resident, Nevada car insurance remains an expensive commodity in this state. The average purchase price for a policy in the state for 2009 was $2,065. By comparison, the national average purchase price of a policy is $1,780 . The month of May in 2009 showed the sharpest increase in policy prices with the average hovering around $2,270. This type of price fluctuation highlights the unstable tendencies of the Nevada automobile insurance market. In order to make sure that car coverage remains affordable for you, you will need to educate yourself about the different variables that will affect your Nevada car insurance rates. This will teach you how to manipulate these factors in your favor.

Required Coverage in Nevada

If you own and operate a vehicle within Nevada, you are required by state and federal law to maintain coverage. There are two sub sections to a Nevada liability insurance; property damage liability insurance and bodily injury liability insurance. Uninsured motorist protection insurance is not required by law, but it is highly encouraged by the Nevada Department of Insurance that each motorist acquires this form of Nevada car insurance. Between the required forms of Nevada car insurance and your own personal coverage needs, the price may seem to be adding up rather quickly. However, with our recent economic woes, more and more Nevada vehicle insurance companies are striving to ensure your business. This competitiveness can result in savings for you, as the consumer. The competition has led to the creation of more discounts in addition to larger percentage discounts on the more well known others.

Common Car Insurance Discounts

Were you aware, as a motorist, that you can save money on your Nevada car insurance policy by combining all of your vehicles' coverage needs onto one policy? This is commonly referred to as the multi car or multi policy discount. In order to meet the qualifications for this car coverage discount, you must insure all of the vehicles in your household onto one policy. Each driver that is named on your policy must be a member of your household. Operating in a similar vein is the bundling discount. With the multi car discount, you are simply combining only your car coverage needs onto one policy. With a bundling discount, you are combining all of your coverage needs with one company. How your Nevada car insurance company defines bundling will vary from another provider's definition. However, it is typically any combination of life, auto, health, renter's or homeowner's insurance. In addition to saving you money, such a combination can make your life much simpler.

The number of safety features that your vehicle has will also impact the rates that you pay for your Nevada car insurance policy. Your physical safety, as well as that of your family, is always foremost in your mind. However, if you buy a car that also has multiple safety features, you can save money on your premiums too. Two of the most common safety features in cars include anti lock brakes and airbags. These are usually installed by while the car is still in the factory. New safety features are being developed each year. You should check with your Nevada car insurance provider to determine what their list of approved safety features are.

Along a similar vein, installing an anti theft device, like a car alarm, can also save you a considerable amount of money on your rates in Nevada. Its purpose is twofold; to save you money on your Nevada automobile insurance premiums and to protect your vehicle. A tracking system, such as LoJack, can also assist you in lowering your Nevada car insurance premiums. When you obtain a coverage quote, one of the first things the company will ask you is what your zip code is. Using the zip code you provide, your Nevada car insurance provider is able to obtain the crime rates for your neighborhood or community. From the crime rates, your provider will be able to determine how likely you are to be victimized by a crime, such as theft or vandalism. The location of your residence will play a role in determining what your premiums will be for the year.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle. These types of cars have recently seen an upsurge in their popularity due to the increasingly fluctuation prices of gas. Due to the fact that they reduce gas emissions, they are considered to be much gentler on the environment than a regular car. Because of the increase in popularity, the hybrid car/alternative fuel vehicle discount is a relatively new creation. You may want to check with your Nevada auto insurance provider to double check that they do offer this discount.

Possibly the most important factor that will determine what a Nevada vehicle insurance agency will charge you in premiums is your driving history. A history of collisions or an accumulation of tickets is going to make a company surmise that you engage in risky behavior patterns when you are driving. This can lead to an increased chance for your involvement in an accident. Therefore, a carrier is going to charge you higher premiums for your coverage. This is where a good driver discount comes into play. In order to qualify, you generally must remain accident and ticket free for three to five years. Often, for each additional year that your driving record remains clear, your Nevada coverage provider will increase your discount percentage. You also may want to seek out a company that offers accident forgiveness. Under this program, if you are involved in an accident for which you are not at fault, it will not count against you. Essentially, you are "forgiven" for it.

There are multiple discounts available to consumers. Additionally, your Nevada auto insurance provider may offer further discounts of which you are not aware. Directing your time into conducting research and education you about car insurance discounts can be financially beneficial to you. If you believe that the discounts your current provider offer are too slight, you should use price comparison techniques to ascertain the rates of other companies to see what else is available. There are quite a number of nationwide, statewide, and local carriers within the state of Nevada. The chances are in your favor that you will be able to find a provider who will offer the discounts that you seek. You can afford car insurance and still remain within your budget. Additionally, you should think about purchasing your car coverage in a twelve month block so you can lock in a low premium rate for a whole year.


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