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New BMW Convertible to Debut

At the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan in January 2011, the new BMW 6 Series convertible will makes its official debut alongside the new Accord plug in hybrid. The brand new 6501 convertible, which will go up for sale later in the year as a 2012 model year vehicle, will make its official premiers at the car show. This is a debut only in an official sense, with the spy photos and other information that has been circulating online for months now. But this at least is the first time for most of us to walk up and see it up close and personal. And for many people who attend the show, it will also likely be the last such opportunity, so those who are lucky enough to be in attendance should take full advantage.

New 6 Series Convertible

The new 6501 convertible appears to be every BMW enthusiast's dream machine. It has the looks, the charm, and certainly the performance to justify the name plate across the front grille. It will immediately enter at the high end of the luxury convertible market, with industry leading suspension and chassis technology as well as innovations in safety features, comfort and infotainment that are second to none. A classic sweeping line on the front hood, an extra long wheelbase and an athletic frame really call to mind classic BMWs in the past. This is the embodiment of today's perfect convertible for those who love the BMW moniker.

650i Convertible Features

All these interior amenities are combined with a gorgeous soft top roof that features a flying buttress design. The cockpit is laid out in a very driver centered fashion and the interior also seems to pay dividends for the passenger and back seat riders as well, wrapping them in luxury and beauty. The interior is every bit as much artwork as it is function. This is an attempt in earnest to make the 650i the ultimate driving machine, and it appears as though BMW has hit on something awfully close to that at any rate.

650i Engine and Transmission

The engine in the new 6 Series convertible will be a 4.4 liter V8 that delivers up to 400 horsepower with peak torque of 450 lb ft between 1750 and 4500 rpm. The incredible 8 speed transmission puts together elements of speed and efficiency. A six speed manual is also available. This car will actually go on sale sometime in the spring of 2011 following its official introduction in Detroit [1].

This is one of those cars that average people consulting a car insurance guide before coming to an auto show stand in line to sit in just so that they can tell their friends that they actually sat in the driver's seat of it and didn't get arrested. These vehicles are so gorgeous that they almost take the bar a notch higher for BMW as an automaker and designer. It is amazing what you can get in a car when money is no object and performance and luxury are the only objectives.

The sales for this new model should be brisk, as much as it has been anticipated among drivers in the luxury category. BMW has truly delivered a car befitting of the 6 Series title and worthy of being driven with the top down on the weekend after a long week at the office. It is a great ride for vacations and short getaways and for showing off at the golf course. In fact, this new BMW convertible is perfect for just about any use, because all in all it is just about a perfect car.

[1] Retrieved 2010-12-26.


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