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New Cars and Collision Insurance

New cars in the vast majority of cases require collision insurance, and even in times when the buyer is not obligated to purchase a collision policy it is still a good investment. Collision coverage provides important property loss protection that no other part of your auto policy supplies for you as a car owner. Keep an auto maintenance log for the lief of your car. If you are going to buy a new car or if you are shopping around for price and considering this type of purchase, it is important to include the potential cost of collision insurance into your projected price for the new vehicle.

Importance of Collision Insurance

Adding collision to your policy is essential when you buy a new car. First of all, for most of us buying a new vehicle means taking on a loan of some sort. When you work with a lender to purchase a vehicle, typically they will require you to include collision as well as comprehensive insurance on your car insurance policy until the loan is paid off and you own the car free and clear. This is to protect lenders’ financial interest in a vehicle.

But your interest in the car is protected just as much as the bank’s when you buy collision insurance for a new car. What it provides is essentially cash value property damage coverage for car accidents. If you get into a crash, your policy will cover all losses up to the current value of the auto less deductible. The particulars on how this value is determined may vary by insurer and policy shoppers are encouraged to investigate these details before they buy. But it is very important to be insured when your car is worth some money because without a policy like this, you could be left with nothing to show for all that you have invested in a vehicle, and nothing to buy another car with or make repairs if you get into a serious accident.

Pricing out Auto Collision Coverage

There are some folks who choose to self insure or find other legally acceptable methods in their home state to demonstrate financial responsibility, and for them collision coverage is not important. But for most new car buyers, it is critical to protect your investment, so pricing out collision policies is very important. There are multiple ways to compare prices and to buy coverage these days, but the best way to save money usually is to buy online. The virtual market typically features the best prices that providers have to offer to prospective buyers.

Some companies selling collision insurance online exist only in this medium, while others also sell and service policies through more traditional means, so buyers have their choice of corporate structures depending on what appeals most to them. Using the free quote form that this site provides, users can get multiple free quotes from locally licensed insurers in their home area and find out where they can get the best online pricing for collision insurance and for car insurance policies in general.

Save on Your Collision Policy

New car purchases really call for the inclusion of collision coverage on the car insurance policy, simply because of the financial value of the car and the investment that it represents. Getting the best price on a high quality plan that protects you in the right way is very important. Use the resources that you have available to you and save money on auto collision insurance. Be sure to include this cost in your assessment of the overall price of buying a car before you hit the dealership showroom floor.


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