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New Car Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is becoming more and more important to motorists as time goes on. Gas prices continue to rise, and this has put a financial strain on many drivers. As such, drivers are now looking to purchase new cars that have greater fuel efficiency. There are lots of options to choose from with gasoline-powered vehicles being remodeled for efficiency and with the increase in popularity of hybrid vehicles. Overall, vehicles with greater fuel efficiency are being produced and consumers are benefiting from this greatly.

Gasoline-Powered Vehicles

For a long time, gasoline-powered vehicles were all we had. Now, with the advent of alternative-fuel vehicles and purely electric cars, gasoline-powered cars have some competition when it comes to fuel efficiency. To compete with all these other options on the market, these more traditional vehicles have had to make some changes to their designs to make more fuel efficient vehicles. What has happened is that car manufacturers have started to make lighter, more streamlined vehicles that do not use as much gas as cars of the past.

One thing that makes cars less fuel efficient is extra weight. Most gasoline-powered cars of the past were hefty, and this meant that they used a lot of gas than they should. The biggest culprits in this arena were sports utility vehicles and trucks. These monstrous vehicles had a reputation for burning up lots of gas and costing drivers fortunes at the pumps. Fortunately, this has changed in the last few years. Lots of popular car manufacturers have redesigned their products to achieve greater fuel efficiency. What you are seeing these days are lighter vehicles, even SUVs have been lighter and more fuel efficient. In the future, this will become even more of an imperative as other options continue to flourish and cause competition for gasoline-powered vehicles.

Hybrid and Electric Options

One type of green vehicle that can give you a greater amount of fuel efficiency is a hybrid vehicle. These vehicles, as they run off of electric engines, burn less fuel than those vehicles that run solely off of gasoline. Such great fuel efficiency makes hybrid cars a really popular choice with motorists these days, in spite of the fact that these cars can be more expensive than traditionally-powered vehicles. Many consumers are willing to take on the extra cost upfront because of all the money that they will be saving over the life of the hybrid vehicle.

Consumers now also have the option of electric vehicles. These cars do not need gasoline to run, and, therefore, save drivers a lot of money each year. While some criticize these cars because they do not allow drivers to go more than 100-200 miles on each charge, many others praise them because or their independence from gasoline. If you are concerned with fuel-efficiency, then this may be an option for you to consider.

Benefits of Fuel Efficiency

Any motorist will tell you that the greatest benefit of a fuel-efficient vehicle is the amount of savings that you can see at the gas pump. With gas continually on the rise, most motorists are thankful for any break they get when it comes to paying for gas. Purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle is thus a great way for motorists to lower their monthly costs for gasoline. Drivers now have more money to spend elsewhere, and, in fact, many spend this extra money on their vehicles during routine and scheduled maintenance. As you can see, new car fuel efficiency frees up a lot of money for motorists to use in other ways.


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