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Driving Tips for New Drivers

Driving tips for new drivers help teens and other newly licensed operators make good choices behind the wheel and stay safe out on the road. As motorists, we face an astonishing number of different threats to our safety and property every single time we go out and drive our cars. This is evident in the number of car accidents that occur each year, for example, and is especially reflected in the high rates that new drivers pay for their car insurance.

Getting some tips in hand and learning how to make good decisions will make you a better driver and may also increase your chances of getting some lower rates on used car financing as time goes by. It is harder to learn how to drive than some people may think. The actual physical activity involved can be learned fairly quickly, but there is more to it than that. The mental aspect of the task takes time. In fact, one could say that we’re all learners out on the road, because there is always something more you could learn to become a better driver.

Obeying Rules of the Road

All of this begins with obeying the rules of the road. There is a very good reason why speed limits were invented and put into place, for example. It is hard to operate automobiles above certain speeds and maintain safe control of a car. The highest safe operating speed for a car will vary according to the environment. For example, on a freeway with no stop lights it is possible to go at faster rates of speed than it is on surface streets while still staying safe. That’s why speed limits are usually higher on freeways.

Obeying the speed limit wherever you are is very important. This is one of the most important steps to follow in your goal to be a safe driver. Teens do tend to push the envelope in this area, because there is an excitement and a feeling of freedom that you get when you finally have that wheel in your hands and you are out on the open road. But that excitement can turn around very quickly when an accident happens or when you get pulled over for speeding. Obey all of the rules of the road and just avoid all of that trouble right from the beginning.

Car Accidents and New Drivers

New drivers driving characteristics get them into car accidents at higher rates of frequency than any other group. Those in their first year of driving are the highest group of all. Part of this is probably due to inexperience, but part of it also has something to do with the willingness to take risks that older or more experienced drivers might not be willing to take. But this does not have to mean that every teen driver should get into accidents, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to fill that stereotype. Avoid accidents and stay safe in the car and you’ll also help your car insurance rates over time.

Auto insurance premiums are calculated based on risk. Insurance companies assess the risk they feel you represent to them as a covered driver and they charge you accordingly. Drivers under 25 years old usually pay a youth surcharge, so if you’re only 16 or 17, you’ve got a lot of that to look forward to. But you can still help get those rates down by driving safely. As the years go by, your actual performance and not just national statistics will become more and more important in the rates you pay for your car insurance.


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