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New Jersey Car Insurance

In New Jersey (NJ), price comparison shopping for the most affordably priced car insurance is of the utmost necessity. To do this, it is imperative you are able to acquire a quick, accurate New Jersey car insurance quote. According to The Auto Insurance Pricing Report for 2009, the average policyholder in New Jersey is paying $2,489.00 in New Jersey car insurance fees. The national average is currently hovering at $1,807.00. Because the national law dictates that a New Jersey motorist must carry car insurance, quotes from multiple car insurance companies is a necessity to reduce your rate to a more affordable level. Our website can offer you the tools to provide you with a quick, free car insurance quote online.

Although the laws do vary from state to state, New Jersey, like most others, requires that at least liability coverage is maintained on every vehicle in operation. The insurance laws in New Jersey (NJ) dictate that a New Jersey car insurance policy for a vehicle in its jurisdiction must follow the 15/30/5 minimum. This means that a motorist must provide at least $15,000 of personal injury coverage person, at least $30,000 worth of personal injury coverage per accident, and at least $5,000 worth of property damage coverage. New Jersey also requires a minimum of $15,000 in personal injury protection. Personal injury protection car insurance simply provides a set amount (in this case $15,000) to be used towards the hospital bill of you and any passengers in your car at the time of the accident.

When you are looking to buy New Jersey auto insurance, there are several add-ons that may pique your interest. One of these options for additional coverage is the above mentioned personal injury protection coverage. There is also another type of New Jersey car insurance called Uninsured Motorist/Bodily Injury coverage. If you are struck by a driver who is at fault and does not have the proper coverage for his vehicle, your own car insurance will cover the cost of repairs to your car, as well as your medical expenses.

How to Get Lower New Jersey Car Insurance Premiums

The sheer competitiveness of the New Jersey automobile insurance field means that companies are constantly seeking ways in which to promote the customer's convenience. The invention of the Internet has allowed for the development of online comparison shopping, and most companies offer the option of obtaining a car insurance quote online. However, with a website like ours, we offer the ability to summarize all of those multiple quotes onto one page for you. This way you do not have to visit multiple websites. These auto insurance quotes are always free and rather quick to get.

These quotes usually ask for enough general information to obtain your vital statistics, information about the car being insured, and your location. It must be understood, however, that a New Jersey car insurance quote is just that. It is only a quote. It is not a guarantee that a company would be willing to insure you. Like a well-oiled machine, the car insurance field has developed a puzzling method to determine your risk factors.

The risk factor is defined as how likely you are or are not to make a claim. The higher the company considers your risk factors to be, the higher your auto insurance rates will be. The information you provided in your quote is only the initial process in assessing your risk factor. Once you have selected a New Jersey auto insurance provider you would like to do business with, you will be given a more in-depth analysis. Some consumers protest that this process of risk analysis is unfair. They feel that because New Jersey auto insurance is government mandated, there should be some sort of regulations and/or restrictions on the risk assessment analysis.

How Your New Jersey Car Insurance Rate is Determined

Your zip code, which you provided when you began to fill out information for your car insurance quote, will be used in two different ways.

The information about you provide about your vehicle in your initial quote is also revealing to a company about your driving habits. Companies across the country maintain a collective databank that records the claims filed by owners driving certain types of cars right down to their make and model. Color can also be revealing about the type of driver you are. A bright color, like red or yellow, is considered to be flashy. A car insurance company assumes that a driver of this car will be more likely to drive recklessly based on his or her taste in flashy design. Thus those New Jersey residents must pay a little more for their car insurance.

Your zip code, county, or city in New Jersey will provide the company with a sense of how well off you are financially. If you live in the more prosperous areas of Camden, NJ or Clifton, NJ the car insurance company will assume that you are able to afford higher premiums. The information about crime rates in your area will suggest to the company how likely you are to be victimized by a crime. If you happen to live in Atlantic City, NJ, your zip code would suggest that your crime rate will be higher than in a more suburban out and act recklessly while driving. Luxury cars and sports cars are usually also assigned a high risk value due to the amount of money it costs to repair them in the face of an accident.

The vital statistics information you have out when you requested your New Jersey car insurance quote is an integral part of your detailed risk analysis. The company compares your data with the average number of claims and accidents of people who share your similar traits. Marital status, age, gender, and the number of children you have allow a New Jersey car insurance company to decide your risk factor, once again, based upon people who share your same characteristics.

The effort put forth into designing the risk analysis system is evident since it has become the measuring tool which all other companies use. However, an company may add questions of its own to the risk assessment test in regards to your background or habits concerning smoking and drinking.

The initial car insurance quote can provide you an idea of what companies are offering in the way of affordable car insurance policies. By engaging in online price comparison techniques, you will certainly be able to find the right company. With the car insurance rates in New Jersey so incredibly high, it is necessary to find what you need cheaply. Fill out the quick online car insurance quote on our website so our agents can hand craft a personalized plan for you. The quote is free, and there is no obligation or commitment on your behalf. Take hold of your future, and begin by saving money today.

So what are you waiting for? Compare cost and coverage details from the New Jersey cities of: Jersey City, Newark, Union, Edison, Camden, Atlantic City, Bridgeton, Elizabeth, Ewing, Millville, Ocean City, Paterson, Trenton, Vineland and more.


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