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New Cars for Young Drivers

New cars for young drivers are vehicles that are suitable for teens and even twentysomethings that are out at the dealership and looking for a new ride. Not every young driver is fortunate enough to get to buy a new car, but there are some that save enough money to do so, and some parents also contribute to the effort. Buying a new car for a teen driver is actually a good idea because there is a much smaller risk of mechanical problems and other troubles out on the road. But parents and teens should work together to choose the best cars for them at this important age when they’re just starting to gain experience behind the wheel.

Teens and Sports Cars

Many young drivers spend their teen years thinking about and saving up for a new sports car without keeping in ind the importance of used car mileage. This is not so much a male thing as it is just a young person thing, because tons of young females also love a nice shiny red convertible roadster. There is no doubt that these are probably what many people of any age would consider the most exciting type of car. But there are also some things about sports cars that might make them a bad choice for teens.

First of all, they are police magnets. Young drivers already have a hard enough time getting cheap car insurance as it is without the police handing them tickets every other week. And these cars in themselves are more expensive to insure and to drive too, with most not doing well for fuel economy. On top of all that, sports cars do not always score as well as some other vehicle types in crash test ratings.

Best Cars for Teens

It might be painful for some to hear, but sedans and smaller cars of that sort are actually a better fit for teens and young drivers in some ways. First of all, they are much more economical. Second, they are usually roomier and can more easily hold friends and family when the teens want to go riding around town. Third, they tend to cost less to insure and get better gas mileage.

Fourth, sedans do very well in crash tests and are likelier to keep a young driver safe in an accident. And fifth, they are less likely to draw the ire of the cops, which is something that parents and teens can agree is a good thing. In general these might not be the most exciting cars, but there are definitely some makes and models that have some pep to them and that are much more attractive to younger drivers than others. One of the things that parents probably need to do is work as a team with their teens to decide which kinds of cars are acceptable and which are out of the question.

Buying Teens a New Car

The one thing that will keep coming back is the fact that new cars are so expensive to insure with a teen as the primary driver. This is the biggest bargaining chip parents have in guiding kids towards safer cars, because the sports cars and even the SUVs and four wheel drive trucks will not be as cheap when it comes to car insurance. It is a real challenge getting a young driver into an affordable car that he or she will actually like. The challenge is even greater when you’re buying new. Find a patient dealer and walk the lots and take test drives to find new cars for young drivers that you can agree on.


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