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Newton Car Insurance

Newton car insurance can keep you and your car protected while you are out on the roads in Newton, Massachusetts. Just as importantly, you will be protecting the drivers around you should you ever unfortunately have an accident. Because of the icy winter months in Newton and the adverse road conditions those snowy months can produce, an accident is not completely out of the question. To ensure that you will be able to pay for hospital bills and car repairs should one of those accidents occur, you should search for and purchase a Newton car insurance policy today.

You will also be able to save money on your Newton auto insurance because you will be searching online. You will be matched with numerous companies in Newton, MA who will be able to provide you with low Massachusetts car insurance quotes. Simply compare the quotes that you are offered and choose the one that fits you and your vehicle the best. You will be able to find affordable coverage for your vehicle, or for multiple vehicles if you own more than one, no matter what your current budget might be.

MA Car Coverage Requirements

In every state, there are basic requirements regarding vehicle insurance in order for you to drive your vehicle on the road. In Massachusetts the law for auto insurance is 20/40/5. That means that in order to drive your vehicle, you must have bodily liability coverage of $20,000 per person up to $40,000 per accident and property damage liability coverage of at least $5,000. State law also requires that you have 20/40 UM coverage, which means that you are required by law to have liability coverage of $20,000 per person and up to $40,000 per accident. These levels, though, are the minimum and many drivers choose to have more coverage.

Owning this amount of car insurance will be the fastest way to lower auto coverage rates, but in the long run it may end up costing you more money. If you were to get into an accident and caused $15,000 worth of property damage, you would be required to pay the remainder of the bill. In other words, you would have to pay $10,000 out of your own pocket to repair whatever property you have damaged. As you can clearly see, the amount you would have to pay if this was the only coverage that you had could be substantial if you get into an accident.

There are circumstances, though, where having the bare minimum amount of coverage would be suitable. If, for example, you have an older vehicle, you may find that this amount of coverage is suitable for you and your car. If you have a newer car, you may want to opt for more comprehensive coverage. One popular coverage option for Newton, MA residents is 100/300/50. With this type of coverage, you will have bodily liability coverage up to $300,000 and property damage liability coverage of $50,000. This will mean that you will have $50,000 with which to repair your car should you get into an accident.

Finding Discounts in Newton

There are a few ways that you will be able to save money on your Newton car insurance if you know how to find certain discounts on your coverage. One such discount that you will be able to use is if you are a good driver. Many Newton vehicle insurance companies will offer discounts to those who do not frequently get into car accidents. If you have never been in an automobile accident or if it has been some time since your last, you will be able to find a Newton insurance company that will be able to offer you a discount on your insurance plan.

You will also usually be able to find discounts on Newton car insurance if you drive a newer vehicle. Most newer vehicles come with more safety features than older cars, such as anti-lock brakes, multiple airbags, and better suspension systems that will allow you to stop better. Because of this, Newton automobile insurance companies will be more likely to offer you lower rates. They will know that your vehicle will not only be safer, but will hold up better in an accident.

One final discount that you will be able to find for your Newton car insurance is if you take a defensive driving course. Most states will not allow you to take this course more than once a year. If you have not taken this course recently, it would be a good idea. Not only will it help you save some money on your Newton car insurance premiums, but you will also become a better driver. You will understand the techniques necessary to prevent accidents, making the road safer and preventing you from needing to use your coverage plan.


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