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Niagara Falls Car Insurance

Niagara Falls car insurance is a required form of coverage for all drivers in Niagara Falls, New York. New York is a no fault state, which has certain ramifications for auto insurance policies for state residents. No fault law is a certain way of thinking about treating accident victims in accidents, and not necessarily an overarching philosophy informing the entirety of a Niagara Falls car insurance policy. Drivers in the city and all across the state also have to include a few other mandatory elements in their auto coverage, but are free to add other endorsements on an individual basis. Each New York driver should come up with the contents of their policy based on their budgetary constraints and individual need for protection.

NY a No Fault State

No fault law is the basis of coverage in the Empire State. Contrary to popular myth, this type of coverage philosophy does not mean a state is unconcerned with finding fault in auto accidents. On the contrary, every Niagara Falls auto insurance plan is sold with liability coverage which is another required element across the state. But no fault is at the heart of what makes some states different when it comes to car insurance.

No fault, also known as personal injury protection, allows for every driver to be protected by their own auto medical coverage rather than rely on the other driver to protect them. It was created out of a desire to get accident victims the treatment they needed for injuries regardless of fault in an accident, which is where the name came from. No fault covers basic medical care, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and other related costs. Niagara Falls car insurance policies must contain at least $50,000 in no fault or PIP coverage.

One of the great benefits of PIP is that it applies not only to the covered driver in accident scenarios, but also to all passengers and even to pedestrians or bicyclists that are struck by a covered vehicle in the course of a crash. In addition to the other benefits listed above it also contains death benefits that can be out toward funeral and burial expenses for anyone who loses their life in an auto accident in Niagara Falls.

Other Requirements for State Drivers

In addition to PIP, Niagara Falls motorists also must include liability and uninsured motorist protection on their Niagara Falls car insurance policies. Liability coverage takes care of expenses accrued by the other driver and passengers in the other vehicle in an at fault accident. It does not offer monetary coverage for the insured driver's own car or medical expenses, but solely focuses on the liable driver's financial obligation to take care of the other motorist's costs related to the accident. Liability protection includes bodily injury and death coverage as well as property damage coverage. Every car insurance policy sold in the state must include liability provisions meeting state standards. Niagara Falls motorists as well as drivers all over the state of New York must carry policies in compliance with these insurance standards or face punitive consequences.

The third and final mandatory area of protection for Niagara Falls automobile insurance consumers is uninsured motorist protection. It gives car insurance consumers a basis for drawing compensation for medical losses in cases where the other (negligent) driver in an accident is uninsured. Car owners in Niagara Falls are compelled to carry this part of a policy by law; and like other required provisions, many car owners carry more than the required minimum level of protection in this category of Niagara Falls vehicle insurance.

Build Policies Based on Need

Car owners in Niagara Falls are encouraged to build auto insurance based on their individual need. Of course, there are certain elements every policy will have in common, thanks to state regulations dictating minimums in acceptable coverage. Insurers in the state are not even allowed to sell policies that do not meet these minimum standards. If you are looking to insure your car in the local area or anywhere across the state, your policy will naturally have to meet these coverage minimums.

But beyond that, everything else you choose to include, or not include, is entirely up to you. A significant exception does exist in cases where you have an auto loan and thus must carry collision and comprehensive coverage as part of your auto policy. But generally speaking, there is quite a bit of leeway for drivers to create policies based on their perception of what is important and what is worth leaving out for cost savings.

Create a car policy that makes sense to you and lives up to your own expectations as a driver and auto owner. Design a Niagara Falls car insurance plan to fit you.



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