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Nighttime Driving Safety

Nighttime driving safety is a major area of concern for drivers everywhere. Even when the weather is perfect, visibility can be troublesome and things can get dangerous. There are some things that we can do to make sure to stay safe driving our cars at night. Think about nighttime driving safety and avoid accidents and car insurance claims after finding discounted auto insurance rates.

Slow Down Driving at Night

It is tempting on the roads and freeways to drive just as fast if not faster out on the roads at night, especially when it gets later and traffic volumes lighten up. With so much room to maneuver, it might seem perfectly reasonable to do so. But there are some reasons to keep your speeds down, and the smart move is actually to drive more slowly after dark.

First of all, no matter how good road conditions are and no matter how pleasant the weather or traffic levels are, visibility at night is always a concern. There are threats that are pretty unique to nighttime driving. For example, deer hits do happen during the day, but the threat is greater at night because of the visibility factor. One might jump out in front of your car before you ever see it because you headlights are never pointed directly at the deer until it is right in front of your bumper.

Driving more slowly is important for many other reasons aside from the risk of deer hits. There could be any sort of debris and even people walking along the side of the road that could be much harder to pick up at night. And at certain times of the year especially, road conditions change quickly when the sun sets and it can go from smooth to slippery very fast. So, there is never any good reason to take a chance and drive fast at night because so many risks do exist.

Drunk Driving at Night

One of the other things that drivers need to think about to stay safe when they do any nighttime driving is assuming a defensive posture in their driving. The percentage of drunk drivers out on the road after dark goes up quite a bit, and the later it gets the more that percentage rises. This makes sense because fewer people are out on the road and the ones that are out there quite likely might be returning home from the bar.

To stay safe at night, drive defensively and account for the actions of other motorists as well as your own. Always keep a lookout for the cars you’re sharing the road with. Don’t assume that they’ll make the correct decision, because there’s no guarantee they will, whether they have been drinking or not. But the threat of getting hit by a drunk driver is very real, and motorists need to be aware of that. Drive defensively and learn to anticipate the moves of the other vehicles on the road to stay safe.

Safety Belts and Speed Limits

Nighttime driving is more difficult and more dangerous than daytime driving because of all these factors and others as well. Learn to deal with these risks and be prepared for the worst by keeping your vehicle at a reasonable speed under the legal limit, obeying all of the rules of the road, and always wearing your safety belt. It is extremely important to think about your safety every time you operate an automobile, but it is especially crucial at night. Focus on nighttime driving safety and minimize your risk out on the road after dark to avoid accidents and insurance claims.


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