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Nissan Car Insurance

Nissan car insurance is something that every Nissan owner will need to think about when choosing their next vehicle. Although Nissan is considered a reliable and consistent car to purchase with most owners satisfied in the quality of their model, what about the Nissan automobile insurance rate? Does the insurance price tag match the affordable models?

Nissan formally operated under the "Datsun" name but has been working under the latest name for nearly 80 years. Although there have been some ups and downs in the history of this Japanese automaker, currently Nissan continues to impress both in the showcase and on the road. Their extensive range of trucks, minivans, crossovers, SUV's and cars are frequently seen in the city, in the country, in the bush, and everywhere in between.

Inside the Nissan Car Show Case

There are a number of new vehicles on the road for 2010 as well as plenty of trustworthy used cars that have since been replaced. Below are some of the best sellers from the Japanese automakers :

The Versa - the Versa is versatile, reliable and undeniably affordable starting under $10,000 for the hatchback model. It also comes in a sedan version and is jammed packed with several features, especially for such a small car. Some of the recent awards that this trusty little vehicle has won include the following:

- Consumers Digest Best Buy Award, 2009
- Top Safety Award by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, 2010
- Top Ten Least Expensive Cars to Own, 2009

The Altima - another best selling midsized vehicle under the name, the Altima is based on quality. It comes in a range of different engine types and designs to suit any city driver. Some of the recent awards won by the Altima include these prestigious titles:

- "Highest Ranked Midsize Car in Initial Quality" by J.D. Power and Associates, 2009
- Five Crash Safety Rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2009
- Consumers Digest Best Buy Award, 2009

The GT-R - what is there to say about the GT-R? It's fast, it's sexy and it's the super car for the next decade. This two door speedster is built for speed and comfort with heated front seats and an incredible sound system. Starting at $80,000, the GT-R has a few awards under its hood as well:

- Automobile Magazine's 2009 Automobile of the Year
- 2009 Best Resale Value by Kelly's Blue Book

The Xterra - the Xterra is one of the most successful SUV's on the road that works great in the city as well as in the bush. There are four different models depending on what you are looking for in your SUV and they start as low as $22,000. For an SUV, this is an incredibly affordable rate. The Xterra brought home this award in 2009:

- 2009 Four Wheeler of the Year

The 370Z Roadster - hip takes on a new form with the 370Z roadster that screams success and speed. This convertible starts at an incredibly low rate of just $36,000 which makes it a favorite for drivers of all income levels. The Roadster recently won the following prestigious title:

- Highest Ranked Compact Premium Sporty Car in Initial Quality by JD Power and Associates, 2009.

Some of the vehicles that have also won awards for safety include the Sentra, the Murano, the Quest and the Rogue. Nissan also puts out a range of other models including the innovative Cube, the trustworthy Pathfinder, the Altima coupe and hybrid, the impressive Armada, the reliable Maxima and the hip 370Z Coupe.

Choosing your Model Based on Nissan Car Insurance Rates

From the above list, it is quite obvious that the range of Nissan vehicles is impressive to say the least. It is no wonder that Nissan continues to be one of the top selling manufacturers of vehicles in the world. Although many of the models are affordable to own, are they also affordable to insure? You might be surprised by the results when comparing Nissan auto insurance:

Unfortunately, many of the models do not come with an affordable or temporary car insurance price tag. In fact, the GT-R was rated the Most Expensive Car to Insure, beating out speedsters and road demons like Dodge Viper and the Mercedes Benz G-Class . You can also expect a big Nissan car insurance premium out of the 370Z series, including the roadster and the coupe. How is this possible? Well, perhaps the price tag has something to do with it. Although the GT-R and the 370Z are not the cheapest models to buy, they are affordable in regards to super cars and convertibles and also quite tempting to young drivers. Nissan car insurance could be more expensive simply because the rates are jacked up due to the number of inexperienced young drivers who purchase these models. Furthermore, because they are built for speed, they are also more likely to endure crashes and thus the insurance premiums skyrocket.

But what about the other models? Any vehicle that comes with a high safety rating, such as the Versa, the Altima, the Rouge, the Quest and the Sentra will have a lower Nissan car insurance than those who have not won awards for safety. Check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for up-to-date awards granted. This is because the safety of your choice of car will greatly impact your insurance rate.
The theft rate will also play an important role in determining your Nissan auto insurance rate. Some of the high rollers for theft include anything with a two door such as the GT-R and the 370Z models.

However, you might be surprised to also hear that the Sentra is a favorite among thieves with extremely high theft claims in 2008. High theft claims often equal higher Nissan car insurance premiums.

Another factor that will affect your Nissan car insurance is the size of the vehicle. Many people assume that smaller vehicles come with smaller Nissan vehicle insurance rates but this is actually not the case. The reason is because if they do happen to get in an accident, then they will most likely be damaged by the larger vehicles. Compact cars, like the Versa, are extremely cheap to purchase but they might not offer you the best deal on Nissan car insurance.

You might have better luck insuring the Xterra or the Rogue but be warned that, without that safety rating you can expect higher Nissan automobile insurance prices. However, it is important to remember that vehicle insurance prices come down to more than simply safety- the cost of repair is also important and, when you are driving a larger vehicle, your SUV is most likely going to come out on top, especially in a pileup with a compact car. This can be a reassuring plus for opting for a larger vehicle.

When it comes to finding cheap Nissan car insurance, you can always find a better bargain by comparing the different carrier's insurance premiums online. A simple comparison can ensure that you are not settling for less than the cheapest insurance quote. Many Nissan drivers are aware that their choice in vehicle might come with a higher Nissan vehicle insurance premium- however, the affordability of the car, the quality of the features, and the reliability on the road make it completely worth their while.



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