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No Drivers License Car Insurance

No drivers license car insurance might sound like an impossibility; but in actuality, it is available for auto owners who have lost their license for one reason or another. It is commonly believed that auto insurance companies will not sell an insurance policy to an unlicensed auto owner. But in many cases this is untrue and there are ways to go about getting a policy. There are circumstances under which auto owners may need insurance and insurance providers will sell them those policies. Consumers ought to be aware that there are a multitude of insurers nationwide, each adhering to their own standards and policies in this regard. Although it is certainly true that some insurance providers will refuse to sell a policy to an unlicensed driver, there are plenty of others that will.

Why Unlicensed Drivers Need Insurance

At first glance, it may seem completely unnecessary for an unlicensed driver to have auto insurance in a misguided effort to maximize car insurance savings. But upon closer inspection, there are many reasons why insurance may be necessary. A good example is in individuals who are coming in to the United States from other areas of the world and have not yet obtained their driving privileges in the states in which they reside. While they are in the process of this transition and obtaining citizenship, they very likely will need to drive an automobile to get from place to place and to do so will need to be insured.

Something for this group of drivers to keep in mind is that there are at least a handful of auto insurance companies who actually make it their specialty to provide insurance protection for unlicensed drivers, particularly from those coming in from a foreign country who may be licensed in their homelands but have not yet gotten their licenses here in the U.S. in some states, newly immigrated residents only have a certain window of time once they move in to get their drivers licenses, and these details certainly must be attended to on a state by state basis. Each state's department of transportation of secretary of state may be a good resource to consult for information on how to take care of this matter and on what is required for new immigrants to get a drivers license. It is important to take of this matter to avoid legal trouble and also to make sure your provisionary insurance policy is not cancelled.

Unlicensed Drivers and Financed Vehicles

Whether or not you have a drivers license, if you have a financed or leased vehicle you will almost certainly need to maintain comprehensive and collision insurance on the vehicle according to the specifications of the financial agreement you've entered into with the lending authority financing the car. Collision and comprehensive are virtually always required by lenders to protect their investment while the vehicles are still being paid for. It is no different when the buyer or lessee is unlicensed. For one thing, someone else could potentially drive the vehicle while the owner is without a license. It is therefore necessary to keep up with these things and to maintain adequate coverage even while your license is revoked or suspended.

Drivers in these situations sometimes are able to forfeit their registrations and even surrender their plates in certain states to the state department of motor vehicles to help ensure the cars are not driven (unless there are other family members using the car). In these cases when the vehicle is just being stored, policies containing comprehensive coverage only are sometimes allowed to fulfill the mandatory car insurance requirements. These policies protect the vehicle against any property damage it may receive from acts of nature or malicious activity, while also keeping continuous coverage for the owner, which helps keep rates lower when they get their driving privileges back.

Suspended Licenses and Cancelling Coverage

Drivers who wish to forfeit their registration and cancel coverage on automobiles that are owned outright can do so as long as they have the permission of the proper authorities. Never make this type of choice without consulting the appropriate state department and finding out the correct procedures to follow; failure to notify state authorities can lead to fines and penalties that you don't need on top of all the other legal fees and other costs you're already responsible for in these circumstances. If vehicles are lent out to friends or if they are operated by family members they obviously need to be adequately insured according to the laws of the state.

Drivers who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of losing their license need to do everything they can to minimize damage and create a scenario where things can return back to normal as quickly as possible. Do the proper research and find out about no drivers license car insurance to ensure you're properly covered.


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