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Non Owner Auto Insurance

Does the thought of auto insurance make you want to run to the bus stop or local transit system and leave the keys in your ignition for some fool to "borrow" your vehicle? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of people every day that fall victim to the misfortune of an underinsured motor vehicle mishap. There are limitless combinations when it comes to being protected by car insurance, and making sure that you are protected against reckless drivers or even the unthinkable, yourself, is a responsibility due of every citizen claiming that they should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. Irresponsibility and lack of knowledge are possibly the biggest reasons for insurance nightmares in this country today. Here we will explore non-owned auto insurance in particular and see what having such coverage may do for your overall driving experience.

What most people fail to realize in the case of auto insurance in general is that the responsibility lies within the car and not the actual driver. For example, if you graciously offer to be the designated driver on your sister’s 21st birthday, you better make sure her car is legally and actively insured. No matter how noble your intention, if the car itself is not actively insured, you are liable. A large amount of the population does not realize that this is the law until faced with the situation, usually with in the moment of blinding, flashing red/blue lights during an attempt to explain to the officer why it was not their fault. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. No insurance, no dice -it's as simple as that.

Common Assumptions About Auto Insurance

Taking it one step further than driving your inebriated sister on her birthday or picking up a friend from the hospital after surgery comes the more commonly encountered reason for the need to hold non-owned auto insurance. Most often, non owner auto insurance is used by businesses whose employees routinely to drive company vehicles. Even though auto insurance comes with the car, a customized non owner car insurance policy is markedly the way to go if you are operating a company where more than one person is sharing the driving privilege. Just because your driver has personal liability coverage, that does not guarantee resolution in the event of an accident in a company vehicle. Non owned car insurance is the only way to protect employees in a company car

Another common mistake people make is assuming that if you rent a car, the car is covered. Those who do not fall prey to that assumption face yet another problem. If the salesman at the rental shop is doing their job, you will walk away with a much higher premium for protection than if you had done your homework beforehand. Business travel is common, and renting transportation is a great way to maximize your professional travel time. However, if you have not done your homework and have an unexpected moving vehicle mishap, the repercussion could have a ripple effect that touches not only your professional life, but personal life as well. You have to seek out your own insurance to protect yourself in a rental situation.

When shopping for car insurance estimates, there are a number of variables to take into consideration. Rates, coverage, premiums, and ease of accessibility are some things to consider. It is important to have a personal relationship with your agent regardless of the type of insurance you are shopping for. You should also get a car insurance quote from multiple insurers every time your premium renews. A great way to think about shopping for car insurance is to think of shopping for a personal assistant. Would you trust this person with your bank account? Would you trust them with personal information? Would you trust them with your family in the face of a disaster? As with any long term relationship, the best option is to shop around and compare options before deciding on the best fit in regards to your unique situation.

Car Insurance Carrier Options

Some of the choices for auto insurance providers include the well known companies Geiko, AAA, and State Farm. However, just because you recognize a name that does not necessarily mean that this company will be the best fit for you. How many times have you put your faith in a big name corporate company only to find out that their glamour lies mostly in their advertising campaign? Shop around your local agencies and ask for quotes as well as details including history, coverage and premiums. Ask if your local office offers any free perks for switching to their service. Often the large companies are noticed for their flashy ads, but in return your premium is inflated so you can pay for just that, the flashy ads.

One thing to remember when shopping for car insurance in general is that cheap is not always the best deal. When you get a car insurance quote, be sure you look at the details, not just the price. Just because you can save a few bucks each month, that is not reason enough to pull out your checkbook and sign your name in blood. Although there are many agents that are honest and truly care about your well-being, there also are the ones that are only looking out for numero uno - you are not numero uno. These sharks may offer free incentives to you but fail to mention the fine print and the fact that if your car is more than 30 days old, the magical incentive disappears like Cinderella’s dress at the stroke of midnight.

Advantages of a Non-Owned Policy

An advantage to a non owner auto insurance policy is accident coverage. Accident coverage takes care of any medical expenses for the passengers of your vehicle, as well as any damage done to another person’s vehicle. However, it is important to mention that collision coverage generally is not included with your non-owned car insurance policy. The importance of collision coverage can mean the difference between walking away from an accident in one piece and walking away from an accident in one piece with your finances shattered beyond reasonable repair. This is a mistake that can alter the course of a person’s life forever. Make sure you know what you are being covered for.

If you do purchase a non owner vehicle insurance policy for your company vehicle or rental car, you can rest assured that the majority of calamities are covered. When you purchase non-owned insurance, not only are you covered, but the passengers in your car are also covered under the policy. In addition, this auto insurance covers all uninsured and underinsured travelers as well.

Where to Get a Car Insurance Quote

So where do you go to find a cheap non owner sr22 car insurance policy? As with any other major purchase, comparison shopping is the key to victory. Getting a car insurance quote online has never been easier. Impulse buying is the worst decision you can make in regards to efficient car insurance. Make sure you have all the facts before making a decision. Start a list or a file if necessary to organize all your findings.

Once you find an offer that includes non owner sr22 auto insurance that you believe to be safe and sound, don’t be afraid to ask for free perks or lowered premiums. If the answer is no, you have lost nothing and you have everything to gain. However, car insurance is most definitely a business and agents know they have to be competitive to retain your interest. With the perfect combination of persistence, education and opportunity it is possible to find a car insurance plan that utilizes free quotes, cheap rates and happy customers.


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