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Non Standard Auto Insurance Options

In the auto insurance industry, there are many different classifications for both drivers and for auto insurance providers. The methods insurers use to determine the rates they charge to policy holders depend upon a wide range of factors, some of which are directly tied to those classifications on both the insurer and customer sides of the transaction. Non standard auto insurance is a coverage option that is designed for and appeals to a limited demographic of drivers; and administration of these policies is something not all providers specialize in. If you find yourself in a situation where items on your driving record are keeping you from preferred driver status and mainstream providers will not give you an honest deal on your policy, it might be time to consider working with a non standard auto insurance company.

Car Insurance Policy Holder Classifications

The term "preferred driver" is really not al that mysterious or difficult to understand. It is simply one of three common classifications given to policy holders by insurance providers in the process of evaluating their fitness for certain types of policies. A preferred driver, as its name suggests, is one who qualifies for the very best and most affordable lines of auto insurance coverage. To qualify as a preferred driver, you must meet a whole host of requirements. Chief among them is a spotless or nearly spotless driving record, but other factors also come into play. To be categorized as a preferred driver, for example, you typically have to meet certain credit criteria and be claim-free for a certain period of time as well.

For drivers who do not meet the requirements for the preferred driver classification, there are two remaining labels insurers have to choose from: standard and non standard policies. The difference is largely based upon the extent or severity of imperfections in your driving record or other components of your auto insurance profile. For example, any appreciable lapse in coverage will likely place you in a non standard policy when you resume insurance protection, at least for a time. There are a number of other factors that can tips the scales one way or the other when it comes to the distinction between getting into a standard or a non standard policy. With that said, non standard auto insurance does provide an extremely important service to drivers who, for one reason or another, cannot get coverage in a standard form.

Non Standard Insurance Benefits Many

Non standard auto insurance is thought of by some as the kind of insurance set aside for bad or unsafe drivers. This is far from true. In many cases, drivers who are relegated to a non standard policy maybe just made one significant mistake and are paying the price while that mistake works its way off their record. One example is with drivers who have had a DUI. Drinking and driving is a serious offense, and surely nothing to make light of. With that said, there are thousands of drivers who have made this mistake at one time or another, used bad judgment on one specific occasion and been caught due to an accident or by having been pulled over by law enforcement officials. The truth is that many drivers who are normally safe, law-abiding vehicle operators have received DUIs or DWIs. If they are able to reach a plea to keep their driving privileges, most of them feel fortunate to get coverage at all. A non standard policy can get you into an insurance plan and out on the road legally if you have had a drinking and driving citation, giving you the chance to earn back the trust of the state and of your insurer.

But drivers who have had alcohol-related offenses are far from the only ones who can benefit from non standard auto insurance. Some drivers who have been involved in just one serious accident fail to qualify for standard insurance programs. Car owners with multiple moving violations or a high number of claims often are in the same category. Interestingly enough, there are even some situations where a driver with a perfect driving record ends up in a non standard policy. Other conditions sometimes necessitating this include having a high-performance or muscle car, a car of particularly high value or custom-built show car. Some mainstream companies who specialize in preferred and standard policies alone prefer not to insure these vehicles at all, and car owners often find better prices from non standard insurance specialists.

The non standard auto insurance demographic has expanded in recent years, as insurers have analogously expanded their definition of a non standard driver and the number of factors that could lead to the assignment of this classification. On the surface this may seem like a negative, leading us to believe that we have a much higher risk of paying increased fees for our coverage as a result. But in reality the change has been more administrative or organizational. The market has expanded because more companies have chosen to specialize in non standard policies. As a result, some of the companies preferring to concentrate on preferred and standard policies have tightened up requirements for these policies to better focus on the customers they are really after. The marginal drivers who were previously on the borderline in terms of their classification tend to get better rates from the non standard specialists, anyway. So the recent trend really should be no cause for alarm to anyone.

Saving Money on Insurance Online

Just like all drivers in any classification, those who fall into the non standard category have an excellent opportunity to save more money by getting online and searching for coverage among the online auto insurance providers. In fact, many of the auto insurance companies who have elected to specialize in non standard plans actually exist primarily or entirely online. One of the best ways these companies have found to hold down the cost of writing a non standard policy is to sell coverage online. Extra costs ranging from paper to agent commissions all act together to put more money back in your pocket while getting you the kind of coverage you have to have while you work to rebuild your insurance driver profile.

Getting online is easy, and finding suitable companies who are interested in representing your insurance interests is easy, too-no matter what classification you may fall under. Many drivers who do not qualify for the preferred status are stunned at the ease with which they are able to find coverage, and quite a few are pleasantly surprised by the rates they end up paying for their non standard policies. If you have encountered a setback in your own driving history, whether it be a serious driving offense or something else necessitating a switch to a non standard policy, you must maintain a focus on finding the best deal for your situation, and bear in mind the basic understanding that many auto insurance providers would still love to have you as one of their customers. Getting into a non standard auto insurance policy might not be a dream scenario, but it's not the end of the world.



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