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Notifying Your Insurance Company of Drivers in Your Household

There are a lot of car insurance myths floating around out there, and having bad information is certainly something that could get you into trouble if it turns out that you are wrong about something important. To make sure that you are protected at all times and are in compliance with the law and your provider's standards, you should make an effort to learn a bit more about what kind of things are important to let your provider know about to avoid mishaps.

One of the thing that drivers are often confused about is whether or not their providers need to know about all of the drivers who live in the house, such as any teen drivers who may need coverage. A lot of drivers think that this information doesn't need to be shared with the insurance provider if the person isn't going to be driving the car. This is something that you could choose to do, if you are certain that the driver will never operate your vehicle, but it's sometimes hard to be that certain about things. As such, it's considered a good idea for you to share information about all drivers living in your household.

Why It's Important to Share

Even if you don't initially understand why your insurance provider would want this kind of information, it's easy to understand when you think about it carefully. If there are licensed drivers in your home and you have a covered vehicle, they might assume that it is okay to drive the car, and that they would still be covered. In almost all cases this is not accurate information, and letting this person behind the wheel of your vehicle could be a really important that you regret later on. You need to make sure that all drivers in your home are aware of who is covered and who is not covered.

Some insurance companies will actually offer you a policy that will cover other drivers who do not reside in your household. You are going to have to pay more for this type of coverage, but it is certainly an option that some insurance companies provide. The fact there is an option like this indicates the importance of all drivers in the household being covered under the policy. People who live in the same household often share lots of things including cars. If you are letting family members live with you and they don't have coverage, this could end up being a big mistake.

How to Notify Your Provider

If you have some drivers living in your household who are not included on your policy, then it's best to contact your auto insurance provider as soon as possible to notify them about the situation. Some companies will ask this on their initial application, and this is the best way for you to tell them this information. If you are not asked when you sign up for your policies, then you have the option of telling them now in some simple ways. You can do so in writing or by making a telephone call.

If you are really concerned about drivers in your household who are not on your policy, you may want to go and sit down with your insurance agent and talk It over. He or she can tell you why this is an issue, and maybe suggest some ways to handle the problem. If you are interested in adding these drivers to your current policy, then you can take the initiative now and get some great quotes for coverage as you are notifying your insurance company of drivers in your household.


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