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Off Season Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance can be expensive. For small companies, it may represent one of the biggest monthly bills you have to pay. Even for larger companies with deeper pockets, it can still be an area presenting economic challenges because bigger businesses tend to have more vehicles and thus higher premiums to pay for their coverage. These expenses are hard enough to keep up with when work is busy, but during the slow cycles of the year, they can be absolutely crippling.

Many companies are seasonal in nature. Their work is extremely busy during specific times of the year, and slows down or shuts down completely during the rest of the year. For these businesses, it makes no sense to carry the same auto insurance all year round when the insured vehicles are not even in use for certain time periods on the calendar. For these businesses, off season commercial auto insurance is a great option to help them save money and avoid a costly lapse in coverage at the same time.

Seasonal Businesses Need Seasonal Coverage

Some companies operate year round and use their vehicles every month of the year. Some slow down a bit in the summer or the winter but do keep their doors open all year. Then there are the truly seasonal companies. A company that cuts grass for customers in many parts of the country would only have work in the summer months. And a plow truck would only be on the road in the winter time when the snow comes. Granted, many seasonal companies do different types of work in different seasons to keep busy year round (one common example being lawn companies plowing snow in the winter). But for those companies that truly shut down for one particular part of the year, off season commercial auto insurance is the only coverage that makes any financial sense.

There is no reason for a seasonal company to maintain the same level of auto protection during the off season as they do during the peak season. For example, collision coverage for a plow truck that gets stored in a garage through the summer months is a real waste of money. But at the same time, that plow truck (and any out of season commercial vehicle) still faces certain risks that the owner should be insured against. One easy example is break ins. That plow truck stored in a garage can be broken into and even stolen any time of the year, whether or not it is in service. So, comprehensive insurance is important to maintain.

Some of the top auto insurance providers across the country offer distinctive commercial policies for seasonal companies. Landscape companies, plow truck owners, and even ice cream truck drivers can benefit from the combination of savings and coverage afforded by these unique policies. They allow the policy holder to put together a policy with coverage customized based on the calendar. When the vehicle is in service, the protection you pay for is different than it is during the time of year when it is parked.

Get More from Off Season Policies

There are some easy ways policy holders can maximize their current savings while ensuring low prices during the next work season and avoiding lapses in coverage. Some businesses find it expedient to simply cancel coverage while their trucks are parked. But this does not protect against various comprehensive claims, and it also leads to higher costs the next year due to lapses in insurance coverage on the vehicle.

Switching a vehicle to a policy that only includes comprehensive insurance keeps the vehicle insured year round while saving you money while it is not in use. This policy will still protect the vehicle owner from the potential expense of threats like vandalism, falling trees, storm damage, and theft. On top of that, it also keeps coverage continuous, which helps hold down overall prices especially during the in service season when the complete policy will be needed.

Personal Use of Commercial Vehicles

Some vehicles used for commercial purposes during certain parts of the year are still in use in the off season, just not for business purposes. A semi retired individual who just plows snow in the winter for extra money but still uses his truck the rest of the year for personal purposes needs to be insured year round. Drivers in this scenario can get with their insurance provider about tailoring a policy reflecting personal coverage during the off season and commercial coverage only when the vehicle is in use for business purposes.

Save money on your seasonal commercial auto insurance by creating a policy that reflects the actual use your business vehicles get. Do not needlessly pay for auto insurance commercial coverage that you do not need.


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