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Ohio Tips for Car Insurance Savings 

Every motorist in the state of Ohio is aware of the fact that car insurance is compulsory. It is mandated by state and federal law. If you do not wish to purchase Ohio coverage through a traditional provider, you do have the option of purchasing a certificate of self insurance through the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. In order to receive this form of Ohio vehicle insurance, you must purchase a bond of $30,000. The bond allows you to meet Ohio's proof of financial responsibility laws regarding coverage. You cannot legally drive a vehicle in the state of Ohio without insurance. If you are caught doing so, you will be subject to the penalties of the law. If you are involved in a collision and you do not have a policy, these penalties can include the revocation of your license and potentially jail time.

Required Ohio Car Insurance Limits

The Ohio insurance minimums that each motorist must maintain are minimum Bodily Injury Liability limits of $12,500 per injured person up to a total of $25,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $7,500 . These are simply the minimums that a motorist must have. However, according to what type of vehicle you drive, they may not suffice to cover all of the costs that can be associated with an accident. You may want to consider purchasing additional monetary amounts of Ohio coverage. The average price of a policy in Ohio for 2009 is $1,451. By comparison, the national average hovers around $1,780 . The average purchase price for an Ohio car insurance policy in 2009 was 28% higher than it was in 2008. Because of this severe increase in prices, it is wise for you to take advantage of any manner in which you can save money.

How to Save Money on Ohio Car Insurance

Your first step in saving money on your premiums will be to compare different car insurance providers. There are many websites online that will allow you to receive a coverage quote. All that is required of you is to have an Internet connection. You can do as mush or as little research as you want to, and your research can be performed from the comfort of your own home. You should then compare your quotes side by side in order to ascertain which one will best suit the needs of your car. There are many Ohio car insurance carriers who operate within the state on a nationwide, statewide, and local level. With such a plethora of options, the odds are in your favor that you will find a company with affordable rates that offers adequate protection.

There are several situations in which you may be offered a discount on your Ohio car insurance policy. The first situation is a group discount. Many times, a motorist's place of employment with offer a group discount on car coverage. You can ask your company's department of human resources about this avenue. Your next option for a potential discount would be a multi policy discount from your Ohio provider. This involves combining all of your Ohio car insurance needs onto one policy. Therefore, the coverage for your sedan, truck, and boat would all be listed on one policy. A bundling discount works in a similar manner to the multi vehicle discount, except with this discount, you are combining all of your coverage needs with one company, not just your car needs. The particulars of the discount will be unique to your provider so you should check with them regarding their qualification criteria. Generally, you can qualify for this discount if you bundle some combination of your life, health, auto, homeowner's or renter's insurance.

If there are young adult drivers in your household, you can also utilize a good student discount. In order to qualify for this discount, the child must be under the age of twenty four and he or she must be enrolled in a high school or college. He or she must also maintain at least a "B' average with their grades. Keeping their grades up can serve as a powerful incentive to be able to use the car. In a similar manner, you, as an adult, can undertake a defensive driving course in order to lower your Ohio car insurance premiums. The aim of this course is designed to teach a motorist how to employ defensive driving techniques in order to avoid a collision. An Ohio car insurance company is going to view favorably the idea that you are trained to be alert to potentially hazardous situations on Ohio's roadways. For successfully completing the course, you can receive a discount on your Ohio automobile insurance premiums.

If you are the driver of a car pool, you may also be able to receive a discount on your Ohio car insurance policy. In addition to saving gas, it is much healthier towards the environment. Speaking of the environment, have you heard about the hybrid/alternative fuel car discount? This discount is relatively new so not all car coverage companies in Ohio may offer it yet. In recent years, electric and hybrid cars have seen an enormous surge in their popularity. This is partly due to the continually unstable gas prices around the country. However, if you own such a car, you may qualify for this discount.

It is important that you remember to file a claim with your Ohio auto insurance company only when it is absolutely necessary. As the number of claims you have filed increases, your rates will rise accordingly. A small scratch in your paint or a cracked windshield may be an expense that is better paid out of your pocket rather than filing a claim. Another method that can potentially save you money on your monthly Ohio vehicle insurance rates is to raise the amount of your deductible on your policy. Generally, the higher your deductible is, the lower your monthly payments will be. However, you should make sure that it is an amount of money that you will have readily available to you should you ever happen to be involved in a car collision.

Your automobile is going to play a large role in the amount of money you are charged for your monthly Ohio auto insurance premiums. Typically, the more expensive a car is in price, the more it is going to cost an insurance company to fix it in the event of a car accident. Therefore, the car's owner is going to be charged considerably higher insurance premiums. However, there are quite a plethora of discounts that are available for your car. For example, you can receive a safety discount from your Ohio car insurance provider if your vehicle contains multiple safety features. The list of approved safety features can include anti lock brakes, airbags, anti theft devices, GPS navigation systems, and surround surveillance systems. You should check with your local agent a list of approved safety features. You can also receive a discount for you a low mileage discount if you maintain a low annual mileage count. There are many discounts available to a consumer to allow them to have more affordable rates on their Ohio automobile insurance policy.


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