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Oklahoma Tips for Saving on Car Insurance

Most motorists in Oklahoma are not aware of the number of options they actually have to utilize when it comes to saving money on their car insurance premiums. As is common with the national trend, the cost of car insurance is steadily increasing in Oklahoma. So far for the year 2009, the average cost of a purchase by a policyholder in Oklahoma is $2,063. By comparison, the national average is only $1,807. Thus most motorists are becoming vigilant as they seek ways they can reduce their rates and save money on their insurance.

Research and education are going to be your most valuable aids as you seek to reduce your costs. In the words of the old adage, a little effort can go a long way. In an effort to save money, there are motorists in Oklahoma who are bypassing purchasing car insurance altogether. Besides being highly discouraged, this process is illegal. The penalties you can incur from being convicted of driving without insurance can range from having to pay a few fines to revocation of your driving privileges. There could be a possibility of jail time if you are involved in a collision that leaves someone injured or dead. Additionally, you open yourself up to the possibility of years of costly legal battles as the other parties involved in the accident will likely seek to recoup their losses.

The first and most important action you can engage in to lower your rates it to drive safely. Offensive driving techniques can lead to any number of traffic infractions, ranging from a ticket to an actual collision. The accumulation of tickets and citations can lead to points being added to your driver's license. A car insurance company views your driver's license record as a hallmark of the kind of driving practices you use. A continually blighted record will lead an insurance company to assume you are a high risk driver, which will result in higher insurance premiums. If your record is tarnished enough, you may be declined altogether for coverage from an insurance company. More important than saving money, engaging in safe driving practices can increase your and your passengers' safety. Do not allow your spur of the moment feelings to govern your actions.

Another step you can take in order to ensure lower rates is to enroll yourself in additional driving courses. The most common course is a defensive driving class. It can be offered to you, in Oklahoma, through the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. Most insurance companies will offer you a discount if you choose to take such a class. You can also inquire with the Oklahoma DMV to determine what other classes may be offered to motorists and then, in turn, talk to your insurance agent about the effect those classes would have on your rates. Oftentimes by engaging in such a course, you may be able to reduce the amount of points on your driver's license record. In the state of Oklahoma, you can use such courses to sheer off two points on your record every two years. Additionally, if you have young adults on your policy, it can behoove you to have your children complete a driver's education course offered through their local high school or DMV. This action can reduce their rates. Discounts from your insurance provider may also be offered to students who have maintained exemplary grades in school. Push your children to work harder so you don't have to pay as much to let them drive.

Buying a car that possesses a number standard safety features is another method that you can employ in order to reduce your rates. Air bags and anti lock brakes are the most common of these features. However, safety features can include items like traction control or GPS. Surprisingly, a brand new vehicle with multiple safety features can enjoy a lower premium than a middle aged, less safety-conscious sedan. Cars that maintain a higher resale value typically produce lower insurance premiums. If you should decide to purchase a new car, it would be advisable to contact your insurance company and receive a rate quote on the new vehicle before you finalize your purchase in order to prevent any buyer's remorse. Additionally, the installation of anti theft devices, like a car alarm or tracking system, may bring about further discounts. Although Oklahoma does not have a high crime rate for automobile theft, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

The world of car insurance is, in essence, an oversized numerical equation. Insurance adjustors gather information about the sort of people who are frequently involved in automobile collisions. From this intelligence gathering, an adjustor can analyze the numbers to identify emerging trends. For example, motorists who are employed as engineers tend to be involved in fewer collisions than other motorists. While it would be fun to theorize that their nerd factor somehow influences their driving habits, a car insurance provider is not concerned with the how or the why. Engineers are considered to be a low risk group of motorists. This translates to lower insurance premiums for them. Your car insurance company can provide discounts based upon your professions. If you are a teacher or a firefighter, you may be eligible for such a discount. It could prove beneficial to you to inquire with your insurance agent about this potential way to save money.

The professional organization or automobile club you belong to could potentially save you money in Oklahoma. The Triple A is, by far, the most commonly known motorist club in the country. However, professional organizations, like the AARP or military or veterans clubs, can also save you money on rates for car insurance. If you were to pay $90 for a hotel room only to discover that a Triple A member would pay $70, that would be a little discouraging. Such affiliations can work similarly to lower your rates. There may also be group insurance rates available through your place of employment. You can inquire with your department of human resources for further information.

Were you aware that your insurance company considers your credit rating to be an influential factor when determining your rates? Most motorists don't realize that their credit is even involved in their insurance. When you purchase car insurance from a company, you are entering into a legal and financial contract with that said company. Similar to your driver's license record, your credit rating and history are considered to be indicators of how likely you are to honor a financial contract. A high credit rating is going to portray you as a responsible consumer and thereby lower your monthly premiums.

Each consumer is looking for ways to save money in today's dour economy. This includes the citizens of Oklahoma. Your monthly insurance premiums can be a great starting point for you to begin trimming money from your budget. Research will again be your most valuable aid in the quest to lower your insurance rates. Do not neglect to contact your insurance agent to inquire about discounts that may be available to you through your insurance company. If you are not satisfied with the offerings of your insurance company, seek to obtain a car insurance quote. This will allow you to receive multiple rates from multiple providers on a policy you are interested in purchasing. Get started today.


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