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One Day Car Insurance

One day car insurance can be used interchangeably with something often referred to as daily car insurance. Simply stated, it means that your coverage is day to day, as it pertains to the car that needs insurance. At first it might seem like too much work to seek one day car insurance at intervals, instead of insuring a car for 6 months, as policies run, and forget about it. 

One day car insurance is a tool to be used in saving money, if used wisely. One day car insurance is not for someone who drives infrequently and puts little mileage on the car, but takes the car out 2 or 3 times a week. In this case the cost of one day car insurance will not be worthwhile. But, don't risk driving the one day without one day car insurance. If something unexpected happens, this could be a nightmare costing a lot of money, especially if it involves something in an insurance policy called "bodily injury." You can be sued and lose your home. In addition, your driving record will blemished. 

One day car insurance is a convenience for those living in big cities who do not use their cars often. They purchase one day car insurance for the rare days they take the cars out. This does not mean that one day car insurance purchasers should not enjoy the benefits of those with long-term policies.

Some of these benefits or discounts consist of a break for being married. owning a home, naturally a good driving record and taking a defensive driving course. Make sure the company is aware of these facts when looking for one day car insurance. If you are driving in a safe low traffic area, it would do no harm to inform the company issuing one day car insurance of these facts. 

On the other hand insurance companies will have more restrictions on those seeking one day car insurance. A young driver who has enough problems getting a short term car insurance policy will find it tougher to obtain one day car insurance. The very elderly too can have a similar problem when seeking one day car insurance. If driving an old car, this might meet some resistance on the part of the insurer when applying for one day car insurance. Finally, if the driving record is bad, that individual should expect to be turned down for one day car insurance. A DUI (driving under the influence) conviction will lock you out of one day car insurance. 

Taking the antique car out for a spin and wanting it insured for that day will also pose a problem. The companies do not want to risk a payout that large for this valuable car. Besides, there is a special type of insurance for this type of vehicle, and not taking that special antique car insurance will be costly in what you get paid, should something happen.

One day car insurance is best sought online for saving time and possibly money because no personnel had to expend time in serving you. When a company for one day car insurance is found, then you can place a call for clarification, if that is your desire. The fee can be charged and the coverage can begin immediately. Make sure the company is reputable and stands tall financially. Otherwise, collecting on the one day car insurance on a claim should something go wrong will not be a pleasant experience. 

At a time when "cash is king" it is always good to have some on hand for emergencies. In order to accomplish this, savings need to be made and frugality is the '"order of the day." For one living in a city with mass transportation available and a bicycle is good enough to get to work with, then saving money with one day car insurance is a must. Why pay 100 percent of the cost of insurance, when one day car insurance is sufficient?


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