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Online Auto Insurance Quote Guide 

Obtaining a car insurance quote is a simple process. It is easy and fairly quick. Within several moments, you will have an instantaneous result with multiple rate quotes from various insurance companies. This can all be performed online and at your convenience. It can be done from the comfort of your own home or from your workplace on your lunch hour - wherever you choose. You also have the option of purchasing your insurance policy online, and you can be provided with instant proof of coverage by doing so.  

You have come to the right place for auto insurance quotes online. We have a national network of top rated insurance providers who are standing by to give you quotes.  As you learn about car insurance on our site you will have opportunities to start the fast, easy, and free auto insurance quoting process.

After you begin the process, you will be asked to finish a brief questionnaire about your personal statistics, your vehicle, and the types of coverage you wish to purchase. The answers you provide for the questionnaire are used to generate results only. By law, the information cannot be sold to a third party for solicitation purposes. For a general quote, you will not be asked for any sensitive information, such as your driver's license number or social security number. However, after you have selected a company with which to do business, you may be asked for this information in order to verify your identity and the accuracy of the information you have provided.   

In addition to your own information, you should have readily available the names, birth dates, driver's license histories, and any previous violations for other drivers who may listed on your policy. You can rest assured that your information and theirs will be secure. If there is a history of violations, such as a ticket or at fault collision, it is helpful if you have approximate dates and specific details for each violation. A vehicle insurance provider will take into account your driving history in order to determine your insurance premiums. An at fault accident involving injuries is going to produce higher rates for you than, for example, a non-fault accident. It is important to ensure that you accurately and honestly list any and all violations. Many insurance companies include a clause in their contracts that states if a client has falsified information on their insurance applications, the insurance company can terminate their policy and all subsequent claims at will.  

Pertaining to your vehicle, you will be asked for the year, make, and model of all vehicles that will be listed on your policy. Vehicle identification numbers (or VINs) may also be required. A VIN works similarly to a person's social security number in identifying a vehicle. No two cars have the same VIN. You can locate yours on the driver's side of the car by looking through the bottom of the window. It should be around the dash.

One of the most important aspects of obtaining a quote on car insurance is to determine ahead of time what sort of insurance coverage you wish to purchase. In addition to your state's minimum requirements, you may be required to purchase additional kinds of coverage, or you may simply wish to purchase optional coverage in order to feel more secure. For example, if you own a vehicle with an outstanding loan on it, you will be required to maintain collision insurance. After you have decided what coverage will best suit your needs, you can modify your quote as many times as you like to see what your rates will be with the added coverage. You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of protection you can afford to purchase and still remain within the confines of your budget. With an insurance quote online, you do not have an obligation to purchase from any one company. Therefore, you are afforded all of the freedom you would like to experiment. After you have found a policy in which you are interested, you should call an agent from the company who offers the policy to inquire about any discounts you may be eligible for.  



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