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Online Automobile Insurance Quotes

Online automobile insurance quotes have revolutionized the insurance process. In the past, buyers would have to go through the tedious process of blindly picking a company from a telephone book, dialing their number, get through to an agent, relay the vehicle information and then wait for the agent to work up the numbers. If buyers did not like the car insurance quote, they would have to start the process all over again.

Today the process is much simpler. Now it takes just a matter of seconds to get a reliable quote. The process is so quick, you can probably get several quotes while you are on your lunch break-and still enjoy your meal.

Fill in the Blanks

It is easy and convenient to get several auto insurance quotes from our website. The first step is pretty obvious: enter your ZIP code where indicated. Remember, this is the address where the car is registered, not necessarily where the car is driven or stored. (If this is an issue, you may want to compare insurance rates to see if registering the car where it is stored may be less expensive for you).

Once you enter your ZIP code, you will have the chance to choose from several car insurance companies which serve your area. Why not take the time and get a car insurance quote from each of them? The process is similar for each company. By the time you reach the last one, you'll know the information by heart.

Once you've chosen the first company you want to give you a car insurance quote, you'll be asked for basic information about your vehicle. This information will include the year the car was built. It's amazing how a single year can make a big difference in your auto insurance.

You will also be asked your car's make and model. While most of them will be listed in a drop down menu, there will likely be an option for you to enter a make and model that is less common.

You will also be asked the body style of the car. Don't know a coupe from a sedan? It's not a problem. You can refer to your vehicle's registration, the owner's manual or search online for a vehicle similar to yours. While body style may seem like a trivial matter, it can make a difference in your car insurance quote.

Next comes the tough question: How many miles is the car driven in a year? You don't have to provide the mileage down to the last fraction, but it is important to give an honest estimate. If you drive a lot of miles going to and from work or school, you are obviously at greater risk of having an accident than the proverbial little lady who only drives her car to church on Sundays.

You will also be asked the primary use of your vehicle. Your insurance quote will be different if your car is for personal use only than if you use it to conduct business. A car used for business use will also have to be insured in case of loss of product, client possessions and employees. A car used for business purposes will also likely be driven more miles than a personal-use-only vehicle.

You will also be asked further information to determine whether you qualify for a discount. Most online automobile insurance quotes have check-off boxes for you to indicate whether you have anti-theft devices, such as alarms, electronic vehicle recovery systems etc. Make sure you consider each of these potential discounts, so you can save every possible penny.

You will also be asked whether to include another vehicle in the quote. It's always a good idea to include all of your vehicles when getting online automobile insurance quotes. Not only will you get a lower per-vehicle rate, you will also save yourself some headaches if and when you have to make a claim. If you are involved in an accident, you won't have to think about, "Now, did I insure this car with Company A or Company B? And does that company have Agent Smith or Agent Jones?" All of your policies will be on record with one company.

You may also have the opportunity to register for other discounts, such as for safe driving records, good students or for senior citizens.

Once you've filled in all the blanks, just click the "Send" or "Apply" button and you're done. You'll soon have a quote in hand. When you receive it, make sure the information is accurate, so you'll know the quote is accurate.

Compare the Results

After you have several online automobile insurance quotes, take some time to compare them all. Be sure the information matches so you have a true "apples to apples" comparison. While the quotes may be in the same general range, be sure to notice if any are much higher or lower than the others. Contact the insurance company in question and find out why their quote is so much different than the others.

One likely reason for a significantly different insurance rate is the amount of the deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket after an accident, theft or other claim. If you want a lower car insurance quote, increase the size of your deductible.

When you have examined your online automobile insurance quotes and have narrowed down your choices, there are still some other factors to consider. For example, consider the company's reputation. Ask your friends and colleagues which company they use and whether they are happy with their insurance coverage. Ask whether they've had any problems.

It is also helpful to consult your state's insurance bureau or the local Better Business Bureau to find out whether there have been any complaints against a particular company or agency.

Talk to an Agent

Be sure to speak to an agent from each of the companies you are considering. Do they seem knowledgeable about the insurance industry? How much training and experience have they had? Are they truly interested in providing coverage that meets your specific needs or are they just interested in their own commission?

When comparing companies, also consider how easy it is to contact the company to make a claim or ask a question. When an accident or theft occurs, it doesn't matter how big or small a company is or whether it has a memorable jingle or advertisement. All that matters is that the company handles your claim quickly and correctly.

Once you've taken these steps, you should have all the information to choose the right car insurance quote. But did you know there are other ways to use online automobile insurance quotes? You can also use them to make choices when buying a new vehicle. Sure that Ferrari looks cool, but just look at the how its quote compares to that Impala.

Other Uses

You can also use online automobile insurance quotes to teach your kids a valuable lesson. Show them how a clean driving record and/or a good academic record can affect car insurance rates. Once you show them the data, just wait and see if they become better drivers or students. Chances are, you will see a big difference quickly.

Online automobile insurance quotes make a somewhat tedious process a bit easier to bear. By taking a few minutes to punch a few buttons on the keyboard, you can save hundreds of dollars.



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