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Online Car Insurance Quotes

If you need online car insurance quotes, you are sure to find a cheaper rate than using other means to obtain a car insurance quote. An online car insurance company has several advantages over standard brick-and-mortar agencies. If it is time to update your car insurance quote, be sure to consider an online agency.

An online car insurance company can often save you money on your auto coverage because of lower overhead. For example, it does not have to pay for office space, furniture, utilities, taxes etc. When you consider that rarely, if ever, do you need to personally conduct business in agent's office, it's likely that online car insurance companies can save you money.

Similarly, an online car insurance company employs fewer people. Employee costs are the biggest expense for any company. Thus fewer employees mean lower online car insurance premiums for you.

Using an online car insurance company may also result in better service. An online insurance agency is truly available 24/7. If your car is involved in a collision while you are on a cross-country vacation, you can still get the help you need automatically. Whether it's filing an auto claim or answering a few basic questions, help concerning your online car insurance quote is as near as your laptop.

How do you choose from among the various online car insurance companies out there? First of all, start by checking this site. Enter your ZIP code in the box provided and see which online companies service your area. Some of these are online companies while others are traditionally run companies - even more offer the benefits of both. Pick a company and enter the requested data to get your online car insurance quote.

Be sure to take a few minutes to visit online car insurance quote website. Is the information attractive and easy to read? Is the information written in laymen's terms or do you feel like you need a master's degree to figure out what you need? Is everything presented simply or do you have to jump from screen to screen to find out what you need?

The online car insurance quote website should also supply information specific to your geographic region. Insurance laws vary from state to state and those variations should be clearly explained. If the information provided is too vague and there is no easy way to contact a company representative in your area, look elsewhere for an online car insurance quote.

For example, each state has different requirements as to liability coverage. Some states are no-fault states while in other states, claims are settled by determining who's at fault in each incident. Sometimes the fault is divided by percentages (i.e., he is 80 percent at fault because he didn't look before turning onto the roadway, but she is 20 percent at fault because she was driving too fast on an icy roadway.) The online car insurance company's website should explain your state's requirements clearly.

Most importantly, does the online car insurance quote website seem to be constantly trying to sell you something? Are there repeated attempts to get your personal information, especially credit card information, and prodding to "order now"? If so, these are indications that a company is more interested in their bottom line than in your car insurance quote.

With an online car company, it is especially important to find out how claims are handled. Even if there is no brick-and-mortar office for you to visit, you may still have to deal with an agent. How do you contact him or her? Is there just one person to help you or is there a pool of employees who rotate handling telephone and email queries?

After you've visited the online car insurance quote website, consult your state's insurance office and the local Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints against the online company and how they've been resolved. Also look for consumer reviews for the company online to see what other customers have to say.

Will the Online Car Insurance Company Stick Around?

Next, find out if the company is financially solvent. Search for news articles about the company. Also check A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor's. These companies will help you find out whether an insurance company will really be there when you need to make a claim.

An online company is often useful at other times, not just when it's time to get a car insurance quote. Sometimes an insurance term will come up in the news or in conversation and you won't understand what it means. Online car insurance companies often have a glossary of terms that will spell things out for you.

Often there is a "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) page that is very helpful. You can get answers to those questions anytime, day or night, without the hassle of finding an auto agent and waiting for them to respond.

One question you will need to have answered is how to access your account information. Your sensitive, personal information should be stored on a secure page that can only be accessed by you. Store your passwords in a secure place. (Provide a way for your loved ones to access that information in the event that you are not able to do so.)

It's especially helpful to consult an online car insurance company when it is time search for another vehicle. When a particular vehicle or deal catches your eye, use our online quotes to help you find out if you can afford the insurance on it. If the quote is higher than you'd like, don't worry. Just try again when you find something else that is more within your budget.

Of course, there are times when you need to talk to a real person about your insurance needs. Make sure the online insurance company provides a direct route to talk to an agent.

An online insurance company can be every bit as good as a traditional agency. However, the bottom line does come down to two things: price and quality of service. You shouldn't have to pay your life savings to insure your vehicle and you shouldn't have to jump through a lot of hoops to get your claim processed correctly.

No matter which type of agency you use, be careful to read the policy carefully before signing on the dotted line or paying a penny of the premium. Clarify any terms you don't understand. Be sure all the discounts for which you qualified are included and the claim process is clearly outlined. Watch out for any extra charges that were not explained previously.

Of course, there are many people who prefer to get a car insurance quote from a traditional agency. They prefer knowing there is an agent in their neighborhood personally handing their policy.  Both options have their advantages.

When Should You Consider a Switch?

When should you consider changing your car insurance company? Every time your premium is due.  The insurance industry changes rapidly and it is well worth your time and energy to search out the latest discounts and trends. For example, with the current "Green Movement," many insurers are starting to offer discounts for car poolers and for hybrid vehicles.  Who knows what new discounts will be offered six months from now?  In addition, your circumstances may be changing just as rapidly and with them, your insurance needs.

The next time you need a car insurance quote, be sure to get a few from an online car insurance agency. There process just takes a few minutes, there's no obligation and you may save yourself a whole lot of money in the process.



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