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Oprah Australia Trip Tickles Fans

Despite the beginning of football season and stories such as the Michigan Notre Dame recap taking center stage, other forms of entertainment are still major news items.  An Oprah Australia surprise was waiting for all the members of the studio audience as Oprah Winfrey opened her final season on the air. She said she was thinking about where she would want to go, and decided to take the entire audience to the other side of the world. This is not a new thing for the daytime talk show queen, who has done things like this before for her studio audience. The power Oprah wields is unbelievable, from turning unknown authors into bestsellers to changing the public's perception of certain vacation destinations. Entertainment pundits surmise that her action will greatly benefit the Australia tourism industry because so many people watched this Oprah Australia episode that many of them may have gotten ideas in their heads about their own trips Down Under [1].

Australia Trip Thanks Fans

The Oprah Australia giveaway was her latest way of thanking fans who have made her a brand name through the years. Her fan base is astonishingly loyal, buying into anything she endorses. As a return favor for this loyalty, Oprah is seemingly asking them to buy into another endorsed product: this time a trip around the world.

Trips to Australia and other foreign countries that are too far to drive to force us as drivers to make certain choices about our chosen modes of transportation once we get to the destination. For folks participating in the Oprah Australia adventure, for example, tourists who arrive in Sydney need to choose between buses and other modes of public transportation, cab rides, and renting a car. For many people just making a quick trip, the former two options are just fine. But for those who stay in a foreign land for more than a few days, a rental car can really come in handy, whether in Australia or any other country.

Getting the information you need on rentals is necessary if you hope to make all arrangements before departing on the trip. It is always nice to arrive at the airport upon landing and already have a car waiting for you. But in order to make this happen, drivers have to make all of the arrangements and work through all legal insurance entanglements.

Auto Insurance and Car Rentals

The one aspect of auto insurance that seems to mystify the most drivers is their rental car coverage. Some drivers believe they are always covered no matter what car they drive under any circumstances, and others think they always have to buy supplementary loss of use and other coverage when they're getting their car at the airport rental car station.

It is important for folks on an Oprah Australia jaunt or on any trip to Australia, for example, to understand the legal regulations for auto insurance in that foreign nation and to understand how their own car insurance policy plays a role in it. For example, it is true that car insurance usually contains provisions for rental car coverage; but it is not true that this coverage automatically covers you completely when you drive a rental. In fact, loss of use is quite often not covered in the event of an accident, meaning the company you rented the car from can go after you for their losses even if you are fully insured. So, buying that supplementary coverage might not be a bad idea.

Oprah Australia trekkers who want to drive around and see the country where Oprah sent them may very well wish to use a car for the purpose. But if you go tooling around Sydney with or without Oprah in the passenger seat, you need to make sure all insurance questions have been answered. The good news is that agencies renting out cars get these questions all the time so they are normally very able and willing to deal with them for you. Also, auto insurance companies back home can lend additional insight if the terms of your policy confuse you. An Oprah Australia style free trip Down Under may not happen to most of us anytime soon; but if you do go to Australia, China or any other foreign country and intend to rent a vehicle, you'd better get the insurance information all worked out.

Save Money on Car Insurance

Even back home auto insurance questions can baffle us like the fact that one person can pull off an Oprah Australia promotion like it's nothing. If this is the case, be like Oprah and investigate the situation to find out what's at the bottom of it. Get some free auto insurance quotes and find out the specifics of coverage by using the tool at the top of this page. If you take a trip like the Oprah Australia jaunt, be prepared with great car insurance.

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