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Packers Bears a Historic Rivalry

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is one of the best in the National Football League, if not one of the best in all of sports and is likely to be even more popular about Social Network, the new movie about Mark Zuckerberg. The two teams are the most successful in NFL history, winning a combined 21 championships between them. Both teams go back to the earliest days of the league, before television, before constant coverage and all the glamour that goes with being a professional athlete these days. In the beginning, it was all about toughness and grit. And these are two attributes that have continued to be closely associated with these two franchises as time has continued to pass.

Latest Packers Bears Game

The latest installment in the long running Packers Bears rivalry occurred on Monday night, September 27, 2010, in a sold out Soldier Field in Chicago. The two teams did not disappoint, either, battling to the very end. The first game between the two in the new decade was played with first place in the NFC North division on the line, with both the Packers and Bears coming into the contest undefeated after two games. Chicago was able to pull out this one on a field goal with four seconds left in the game. Notably, Chicago punt returner Devin Hester returned a punt for the first time in nearly three years [1].

Packers Bears is a great rivalry because the character of these two teams matches the character of the towns they represent, working class northern Midwest cities. The people who root for the Bears and the Packers are usually ordinary folk who often live for Sunday when they can forget about their own lives for three hours and scream at their TV and try to cheer their teams to victory. Like fans of NFL teams all over the country, these fans are dedicated. But unlike fans in many cities, these fans have fantastic franchises to cheer for. These organizations are successful more often than not through the years because they are run well from top to bottom.

Quality of Packers Bears Rivalry

Similar to the Red Sox Yankees rivalry in major league baseball, this one also depends heavily on both teams being good for it to be great. But even when one team is downtrodden, or in the rare years when both organizations have fielded subpar football squads, these games mean something and players understand that they have to give their maximum effort during every single play when they are participating.

These teams play in two of the most historic stadiums in the entire league. While many other franchises get rid of their old stadiums and have their local taxpayers pay for new ones, these teams continue to play in historic Soldier Field and Lambeau Field, arguably the two greatest NFL stadiums thanks to all the history that has been made at each of them.

The Packers are known as the team that won the first two Super Bowls after the NFL AFL merger, while the 1985 Bears won 15 games and were one of the most dominant teams of all time on their way to a Super Bowl victory of their own. It is hard to find a set of rivals in any sport that have had as much success as these squads. Packers Bears is as good as it gets. We get to watch great games on TV and laugh at hysterical commercials for the cheapest car insurance and other diversions while waiting for the main course. But the real joy for fans is that indescribable feeling when Packers Bears take the field.

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