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Parallel Parking Tips

Parallel parking tips make it easier for anyone to learn how to parallel park if they have never done it before, and for those who have done it but lack confidence they can help them feel better about their own ability and the simplicity of the task. Some people never have to parallel park a car anytime in their lives; in fact, there are drivers who will just avoid it, opting to park further away from a building rather than take the chance of failing at this task right in front of the store or restaurant.

Learning how to parallel park is usually part of the curriculum for drivers education classes, but surprisingly in many cases it is possible to obtain a drivers license without being able to do this. You might get a test question on the exam or a chance to do it in the driving test, but even if you fail you could still pass in a lot of cases without demonstrating this important skill. Perhaps there exists the feeling that young drivers have time to acquire the skills needed to learn how to parallel park, and that they are young enough in the meantime that they can find alternative places to park and just walk a little more to get where they are going.

Importance of Parallel Parking

But there will always come a time when it is much better to be able to perform this essential task, as well as used car negotiations, behind the wheel. For example, if you are rushing someone like your injured child or your pregnant wife in labor to the hospital and you arrive at the door to the ER and find there is one spot right next to that curb available to you, you’re going to want to take it rather than spend all the extra time needed to park in the lot and then walk all the way back in.

It is important to have this skill and to be able to utilize it as needed, even if you are not someone who would prefer to park in this manner if the alternative was available. Learn how to parallel park and gain proficiency at the task so that you can do it any time you need to. Drivers who understand how to parallel park lose their fear and hesitation and often actually do find that they’ll tend to do it more often once they learn.

Practicing Parallel Parking

One of the simplest ways to learn parallel parking tips is to do it with a helper, a friend or family member who can jump out of the car and see how you’re doing and help you avoid trouble. If you are parking in between two cars, that person will make sure you don’t come to close to either of them. Start by driving up next to the car that’s going to be ahead of you once you’re parked. You want to back up because the front wheels of the car are the turn wheels and thus it is easier to swing the back of the car in place and get the front to follow.

Swing the back in and follow with the front and just straighten out the wheel as you go. If you do it right, you will be able to simply straighten out and maybe even pull forward a bit to center the car in the parking spot. But there will be times when a few tries may be needed. Don’t despair; just adjust your location or pull back out and start over again to get it done right.


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