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Pennsylvania Car Insurance Discounts

Pennsylvania car insurance discounts come in handy for state drivers, who are legally obligated to purchase auto coverage. The state of Pennsylvania requires auto insurance coverage for all drivers, with specific guidelines for minimal coverage included in the state's car insurance law book. There are many ways you can save money as a driver in Pennsylvania. Focusing on adding these discounts to your policy can lead to significant savings off your premium. Some discounts offered by Pennsylvania insurers are based on your attributes as a driver; others have more to do with the characteristics of your vehicle; and there are even a few additional discounts beyond these two areas that may also help to cut down the costs of your auto insurance coverage.

Driver-Centered Auto Policy Discounts

There are many different discounts you can get to save you money on your Pennsylvania auto policy, some of which are directly tied to your characteristics as a driver and a consumer. Some of these discounts have more to do with your performance behind the wheel or your history as an auto insurance consumer, while others are related more to other areas of your life as a consumer. Before you get too deeply into your search for affordable auto insurance in Pennsylvania, you should take a close look at some of these discounts to see which ones you might qualify for.

Good drivers who have a solid driving history free of accidents and major moving violations can qualify for safe driver discounts. These are sometimes framed as separated discounts attached to your policy, but sometimes an excellent driving record will compel a company to put you into a different class of auto policy altogether. There are generally three classifications of Pennsylvania auto insurance policies. They may have different names with different providers, but they are basically the same across the board. With an excellent driving record, you can be put into a preferred policy, which qualifies you for the very best rates available. Without this classification, you would be put either into a standard or non standard policy, both of which bring higher rates than a preferred plan.

Age is a significant factor in determining auto insurance rates in Pennsylvania and all around the country. There are a few discounts directly or indirectly tied to the age of the covered driver. If you are a young unmarried student under a certain age threshold, for example, you can qualify for a good student discount if you meet other requirements set by the insurance provider. On the other end of the age spectrum are senior drivers, who can also get discounts for retirees, drivers over the age of 55, vehicle owners who put low miles on their cars and other valuable rebates. Seniors may also be able to earn discounts on their coverage by successfully completing state-approved defensive driving courses.

Car policy holders in Pennsylvania can also investigate the availability of group discounts. These can be framed in a number of ways. Employee groups, alumni groups, and members of certain civic organizations may be eligible for participation in programs offering these discounts to Pennsylvania drivers. There may be additional requirements for eligibility; check with your insurance provider for full details about group discounts on auto coverage.

Vehicle-Centered Auto Policy Discounts

As many discounts as there are for drivers based on the profile of the policy holders, there are probably just as many based simply on the cars being covered and their particular characteristics. The cost of insuring a vehicle is definitely something worth considering when you are shopping for a new car; when you are doing your research, you will find a number of discounts that auto insurers give for Pennsylvania drivers based on the vehicles they drive.

Safety and security discounts are typically included in Pennsylvania auto policies if the covered vehicle is equipped with factory-installed safety features such as ABS brakes or anti-theft devices. Anti-theft devices have been shown to deter would-be car thieves and reduce the rate of auto theft, so insurers are more than willing to grant a discount for these devices to encourage drivers to buy cars equipped with them.

Other important safety features can also help bring down the cost of a Pennsylvania auto insurance policy. Motorized seatbelts have become so common in new vehicles that consumers almost take them for granted as a legitimate safety feature. But auto insurers still recognize them as an important feature promoting driver safety, and as such they still generally regard them as a feature worthy of safety discounts.

The safety rating of a vehicle itself can also help keep its insurance cost low. Certain vehicles that have been shown to perform well in accident testing tend to cost less to insure for this reason. Insurers even have data on vehicles that tend to be less likely to get involved in accidents at all; again, these cars and trucks are usually less costly to insure for Pennsylvania drivers.

Aside from safety and security discounts, there are other ways vehicles themselves can help the insured policy holder save money on their auto premium. The use of the vehicle earmarked in the policy itself can create a discount. For example, farm and ranch vehicles set aside for use on the owner's property are very cheap to insure. Any vehicle set aside for exclusive use generally brings with it an inexpensive premium. Drivers who consistently put low miles on their vehicles can get low mileage or recreational use discounts on these vehicles through many providers.

Additional Car Insurance Discounts

There are certainly other discounts drivers can find available from various auto insurance providers, and this listing is by no means intended to be exhaustive. It is intended to demonstrate the many possibilities for discount savings that exist, and to point out the importance of taking the extra time to look into these possibilities when you set out to find Pennsylvania auto coverage.

There are a few other noteworthy discounts common to virtually all insurers. Most carriers feature some variation of a multi-policy discount that rewards you if you purchase both your auto insurance and some other policy or policies from them at the same time. Many auto coverage providers also sell life insurance or home insurance, for example, and they try to entice their customers across different product lines to carry multiple policies with them by offering savings, usually on both or all policies involved. Similarly, loyalty discounts are usually offered to long-term customers who have been with one provider without a lapse in coverage for an extended period of time. This rewards customers who stick with a company and do not jump from carrier to carrier year after year.

Pennsylvania car insurance discounts can help you as a driver to hold down the cost of carrying auto coverage. Since auto insurance is required for every driver in the state of Pennsylvania, these discounts can be of tremendous value as you try to manage these unavoidable expenses the best you can. Get to know your options better and take a closer look at all the discounts you could qualify for on your Pennsylvania auto insurance coverage. Your time will be well spent.



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