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Personal Property Included in Auto Insurance

A lot of drivers often wonder if their personal property is coverage by their auto insurance policies. The short answer to this question is that no, personal items are not covered by your automobile insurance policy. If someone steals your computer, cell phone, or other electronic devices out of your vehicle, then these items will not be covered under your auto insurance policy. If you make the mistake of believing this, and your property is stolen from your vehicle, then you could be in bad spot. You will not have secured another means of coverage for your property and you will end up having to pay to replace all of these items yourself.

What Auto Insurance Covers

Auto insurance can offer you a lot of different coverage, for teen drivers and experienced drivers, but personal property is not one of these things that it normally covers. You can get coverage that will protect your vehicle from collisions and other incidents, coverage that will provide you with payment for your medical bills and lost wages, and coverage that will ensure you are able to pay for the damages that cause to another person's property and the injuries that you cause to their person. This is a lot of different kinds of coverage, but it's not coverage for any of your personal belongings.

What Comprehensive Coverage Covers

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that comprehensive coverage will provide them with compensation for personal items if they are stolen from their vehicles. This is mostly due to the fact that comprehensive coverage states that it will cover theft. In order to understand what this really means, you need to understand what comprehensive coverage is and how it functions.

Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect your car from damages that occur to it that are not caused by collisions. To make that more clear, your insurance provider will cover the damages to your car vehicle if it is harmed by one of the named perils. Theft is a named peril, but it only provides you with coverage if your vehicle is damaged as a result of the theft. If, for example, your car is stolen and somehow damaged in the process, then your provider will pay for these damages to be repaired. Comprehensive coverage will not pay for the stolen items to be replaced, if any of these things are missing from your vehicle.

Covering Personal Items

Once you realize that your auto insurance will not cover your personal items, you can move on to finding a kind of coverage that will pay for these items if they are stolen. Where you can get that kind of coverage is through a homeowners insurance policy or maybe even your renters insurance policy. Generally, these types of policies are designed to cover some things that are not attached to your home, such as the items located on the inside of your vehicle. If you get the right homeowners coverage, then you will have a way to replace these items if they get stolen from your vehicle.

To make sure that you have enough coverage to cover everything that you take around in your car with you, it's a good idea to make a claims list. Write down all of these objects and a rough estimate of their value. When you go online to secure your homeowners insurance policy, inquire about how much it would cost to get enough personal property included in auto insurance to cover the items that you normally stow in your vehicle. That way, you know you'll be covered no matter what.


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