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Placentia Car Insurance

Placentia car insurance is required for those who would live and drive in Placentia or anywhere else in California. Strict laws govern the type of California insurance that must be carried. These laws are in place so that every driver on the road can rest easy and know that they have enough liability coverage to protect them from financial hardship should the unthinkable happen. Residents of California, or CA know that liability coverage isn't optional if they want to retain the privilege of driving on the roads of this sunny state. Since Placentia happens to have a lot to offer to their residents, being able to drive a car in this area is something that you want to maintain.

Driving in Placentia

Placentia is a densely populated area. This city boasts a population of more than 49,000 residents. These residents all live within a 6.59 square mile area. That's quite a few people in a relatively small amount of land. What this means for residents of Placetia is that there can be quite a bit of congested traffic. Congested traffic naturally leads to impatient drivers. Impatient drivers tend to make mistakes, not because they are careless, but because they get frustrated. No matter how careful you are, you still need to think about the drivers around you who may be in a hurry to get home, to an important meeting in Placentia or any number of other places.

Placentia Auto Insurance Laws

Placentia is located in California, which means the city has to follow the laws set forth by the Secretary of State in CA. These laws are very similar to the insurance laws in most other states. Placentia car insurance laws have to meet certain minimal requirements. Keep in mind as you read about these laws that these are only for liability insurance, which is what you legally have to have to drive a car in CA and most other states.

Liability insurance does nothing to cover your own property. Instead, it covers the property of those around you. If you have Placentia car insurance in the form of liability only coverage, you're protecting the property of the drivers around you. Without it, you or the other driver would be held responsible for damages to their car and this is something that the law no longer allows to happen. With that in mind, know that the other drivers may not have as much coverage as might be needed to cover the damage to your own car if an accident were to happen. That's why it's always best to make sure you have uninsured motorists coverage or even better, full coverage on your own car.

Placentia vehicle insurance must include $15,000 worth of coverage in the case of injury or death to one person. Placentia automobile insurance should also include $30,000 worth of coverage to be applied if more than one person is injured or killed. $5,000 worth of Placentia car insurance coverage must be included in the policy to be applied toward property damage. As you can see, these amounts may not realistically be enough to cover repairs to a car or the people in the car. That's why you might consider doing more than just minimum coverage on your policy.

Driving without Coverage in Placentia

Some people want to tempt fate and operate their car without any kind of Placentia car insurance coverage at all. Maybe they think it's a waste of money, do not want to give personal information for insurance quotes, that they can't afford it or they may even deny that such a thing as a car accident could ever happen to them. Sadly, wishful thinking and penny pinching aren't always the answer. There is a high price to pay for ignoring that law whether you're in an accident or not. Liability insurance simply isn't optional.

Should you get pulled over, you'll be asked to show proof of insurance. You will receive a card along with your policy. This is what the officer wants to see. If you don't actually have a policy, or you have falsified information pertaining to the existence of a policy, you may face penalties such as registration suspension, citations ad even the possibility of your vehicle being impounded. When added up, comparing these costs to the cost of a policy might have you rethinking your financial strategy.

What happens if you get into an accident without having Placentia car insurance? Everything mentioned above is what happens, but it doesn't stop there. In addition to the fees you will have to pay for disobeying the law, you'll also be paying for any damages to other motorists and/or their property. Driving without a policy is like taking your whole bank account and putting it up for grabs to the earest motorist. Wouldn't it be simpler to just buy at least the minimum coverage?


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