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Preventing Kids' Backover Deaths

Preventing kids’ backover deaths is a topic of great importance to families with children, especially smaller kids. The danger of backing over a child with a car, or especially a large truck or SUV, is very real, and accidents like these unfortunately happen every year. The main source of the issue is the fact that we can’t see little kids in the rear view mirrors of our cars because they are not tall enough.

Adults and even older kids are much easier to spot because they are usually much taller. But the little ones are usually not visible in the back windows of SUVs, vans, and other large vehicles. In school zones, homes, and other areas where there is a high probability of small children running around, preventing backover deaths is a big issue.

Safety in Driveways, Parking Lots

In driveways and parking lots the very act of backing out of a spot can be inherently dangerous. One of the biggest risks is hitting an object, animal or a person behind you. Before backing out of a spot, drivers need to take every precaution to make sure the path is clear. This goes for any time including trips to the grocery store as well as performance driving class sessions.

First of all, do a visual inspection as you are getting ready to enter the vehicle. Take a look in the general vicinity behind the automobile and look for any objects and especially people that are in the area. If there are children especially, wait for them to get out of the way and a safe distance from your automobile before you proceed. Taking an extra measure of caution before you even get into the cab can help save lives.

SUV Rear View Cameras

There is another way that drivers of large SUVs can do even more to prevent backover accidents. Rear view cameras are available on many models, giving drivers the option of having a camera that eliminates the large blind spot in back and gives them vision behind them as they are getting ready to back out. The camera data is displayed on a screen in the front so the driver can see it while getting ready to maneuver out of the parking spot or head down the driveway.

This is probably the most important innovation in safety that has been implemented in SUVs to prevent backover accident and injury. It is not standard in most vehicles but is available in many of them. If you are looking at sport utility vehicles and you are concerned about this aspect of vehicle safety, ask about these cameras and see if they are available for the SUV you wish to buy. For parents of loved ones, this is only a piece of the safety puzzle but it can be something to help you make a choice on which vehicle to purchase for your family.

Working Toward Child Car Safety

Preventing backover deaths is just another example among many of a larger effort to make cars safer for children especially. Kids are more vulnerable than any other age group because they are so small, and automakers have to put in extra time and effort to devise ways to try to keep them safe in and around automobiles. All the back seat child safety features are important in their own right, and they are crucial for parents to select when they are choosing a family friendly automobile.

But safety around cars is just as important as safety inside them. Preventing kid car accidents involving being backed over by vehicles should be a top priority for every parent, and backover safety a major concern for every driver period.


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