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Preventive Maintenance on Used Cars

Preventive maintenance on used cars is an essential part of things we need to do as car owners to keep them running better longer. Today’s cars are designed to last longer and perform better than ever. Many of them are designed to go longer in between scheduled maintenance. But it is important not to go too long and to understand proper maintenance intervals. Here are some tips for basic preventive maintenance for used vehicles.

Washing and Waxing Cars

Some drivers are not all that keen on the importance of keeping their cars washed and waxed. But it is essential to do this if you want the body to look good longer and to avoid rust. If a newer used car has a few scratches in an otherwise decent paint job, there is already danger that this will be the first spot to rust out, especially in northern states where salt is used on the roads in winter.

Wash your vehicle at least once a week and keep a good coat of wax on it. Honestly, there is no exact timeline for waxing a car, but it is better to err on the side of doing it more often than needed rather than the opposite. Waxing a car is to maintain its appearance, but is nowhere near as important as preventing kid accidents with vehicles. Make sure to follow expert instructions for proper waxing and get it done right to protect that paint job and keep it looking new longer.

Used Car Tune Ups

Tuning up used cars is something we used to have to do every 10 to 15k miles. These days, it is advisable to do a tune up every 50,000 miles. Don’t wait 100,000 like some manufacturers claim you can or you will lose out on gas mileage and potentially pay for other parts wearing our prematurely.

Basic tune ups include spark plugs and wires as needed, air filter, oil filter, PCV valve and other parts as needed. There are other items you can attend to like cleaning out the trunk, topping off all fluids like coolant and wiper fluid, checking and replacing the windshield wiper blades, and these sorts of things at this time as well. Checking coolant is actually something that we need to do every oil change to make sure to avoid overheating. An overheated car can cause a host of other expensive problems. Tuning up a car is a pretty cheap and simple project that can help save a ton of potential problems and help extend the life of a used car.

Improving Used Car Performance

And really, that’s what it’s all about. As a used car owner, you have made the choice to go this route rather than leasing or buying new in order to try and save money. When you take good care of your used car, it will tend to take care of you, too, lasting longer, riding better, and costing you less in repairs. Keep up with things like brake fluid, tire pressure and rotations, and all these other maintenance items that are so important to the performance of the car, and you’ll get more out of it for a lower cost.

Anyone who wants to save money on the cost of auto ownership might want to skip some of these maintenance items in the name of saving a few dollars. Trying to extend the life of your bald tires seems like a good idea until you get a blowout and a bent rim. Take care of the need to maintain a used vehicle and help it last longer. Important used car auto maintenance tips help owners spend just a little to save a lot.


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