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Negotiating with a Private Seller

When you are thinking about purchasing a used car, there are a wide range of options you have when it comes to the purchase. While you can choose to get your used car from a dealership, you can also choose to get your vehicle from a private seller. A lot of people actually choose to do this, as in the end they can end up getting a better deal this way. If you are going to try and buy from a private seller, you may want to consider your ability to negotiate.

A lot of people end up paying whatever the sticker price on a car is without even thinking about negotiating. While this can be your only option if you are at a dealership, this is not going to be the case when you are negotiating with a private seller. You will have some power to discuss the price of the vehicle and get a much better deal on your rate. If you are afraid to negotiate, then you may end up paying more than you should for the vehicle.

Tips for Getting a Deal

When it comes to negotiating with a private seller, there are a good many tips that you need to keep in mind. One of the things that you should do in order to negotiate a lower price is be able to really assess what condition that the vehicle is in. If you don't know much about how cars should run, then you could find yourself in a bad spot. It's always a good idea to get a used vehicle checked out by a mechanic before you make any kind of offer. If the car needs work and you can prove it, then you may be able to negotiate a better deal.

One tactic that you may want to try is asking for a price that is well below what you are willing to pay. In these cases, the worst that can happen is that the seller may say no and come back with a counter offer. A lot of times private sellers are willing to make deals because they want to get the vehicles off their hands, and they may be able to go a bit lower that you would expect. Start low and then negotiate from there, and you may end up getting a good price.

It can also really help if you do a bit of research before you go and see a used vehicle from a private seller. If you can get an idea of what a particular car is worth, then it will help when you reach the negotiation process. Sellers may end up setting prices without really looking into the value of a car, so they may not know if they are asking for too much. If you can look up the value of a car online before you see it, then this will help you to negotiate.

Try Using Cash

When you are negotiating with a private seller, it always helps to have cash on hand. Private sellers may need the money for a new vehicle right away, and they may be more likely to give you a deal if they don't have to wait for you to get a loan from your bank or from some other financial institution. If you can get the cash before you view the car, then things could go better for you. When you have cash on hand, you will be able to negotiate for a much better price on your used car.


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