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Raleigh Car Insurance

Raleigh car insurance is a safe bet when the odds are stacked against you. Whether you have a collision, lose your car to fire or theft, or are involved in a minor fender-bender, Raleigh auto insurance is there when you need it.

Questions & Answers: Solid Advice for Seekers of Raleigh Car Insurance

Question: How do I choose the right Raleigh insurer?

Answer: The best way to choose a Raleigh automobile insurance provider is to look first at their financial stability. Do some quick online research regarding the company's stability by looking at Standard & Poor's rating of them. Also, have a look online for blogs or posts related to the insurance company's customer service ratings. Finally, make a call and speak to an agent. You can determine how well you think they are doing as an insurance company by how they handle you as a customer. If they are efficient, detailed and have good prices, you've got your company.

Question: What North Carolina coverage types should a good Raleigh vehicle insurance policy contain?

Answer: A solid auto policy is going to include underinsured motorist coverage, property damage liability, and comprehensive coverage. The underinsured coverage will protect you in the event you have an accident, experience total loss, and the at-fault party is insufficiently insured to pay your damages. The property damage liability is going to cover damage to anyone whose property (vehicle, motorcycle, house, wall, gazebo) you damage with your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your car for non-collision reasons. For instance, if your vehicle is damaged by fire, stolen by a thief, or vandalized, this coverage will pay for auto repair or replacement.

Question: What if I can't find coverage with any of the Raleigh, North Carolina, companies I've applied with?

Answer: If you've been turned down by all the insurers you've applied with, it is probably because you are a high risk Raleigh applicant. You have a few options in this instance. You can join a Raleigh, NC, high-risk pool to get car coverage. Though your premiums will be higher than the typical premiums would be with other companies, you can at least find an insurer that will cover your car. Another choice is to apply for coverage with a Raleigh car insurance provider that specializes in atypical, non-standard policies. These companies work exclusively with customers who have a high-risk classification. You can contact the North Carolina insurance department to find out more.

Some Lingering Questions about Raleigh Car Insurance

Question: What do I do when I want to file a claim?

Answer: The first thing you do is contact Raleigh, North Carolina, law enforcement (or the authorities in whatever district damage occurs) if it is necessary. You will then have the report the insurer will need to begin processing your claim. Next, contact your insurance agent to get tow-service for your car if needed. Your provider will document the damages to the vehicle(s), take pictures if necessary, and then you will need repair estimates. Once you get those in hand, you'll work with your claim representative to finish the claim, get the car repaired, and have a reimbursement check cut to pay for the car repair.

Question: Why does the Raleigh car insurance provider want to run my credit report?

Answer: The reason your provider will want to run your credit report before deciding whether to issue you a car policy is because credit history is an indication of the kind of risk you will represent. The lower the credit score, the higher the risk you represent. According to statistics, individuals with a poor credit history are more likely to file claims. Insurance companies want to select the right buyers to avoid failing to meet its financial responsibilities to all of its clients.


If you take the time to consider the aforementioned questions and answers, you will be in a far better position to select the Raleigh auto coverage you need and get the best deal on it. Having this kind of information puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to the negotiation of policy types and premium prices. Car insurance is not some mysterious and difficult to obtain financial assistance. It is as simple as 1-2-3.

Don't you and your family deserve the stability that Raleigh car insurance can provide? It's important to get coverage in sufficient amounts so that you are not left on the side of the road without any assistance when a financial crisis erupts after an auto accident. Though we'd all like to believe we will never have an accident, the reality is that most of us will at some time in our lives. Such accidents don't have to be catastrophic. Get a quote from a helpful agent today and feel secure.


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