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Randy Moss Claimed by Titans

Oprah Winfrey isn't the only celeb making a major career change - in yet another surprising move this season for the mercurial receiver, Randy Moss has been claimed by the Tennessee Titans following his release by the Minnesota Vikings. At age 32, Randy Moss still is capable of playing at a high enough level and still represents enough of a deep ball threat to justify a double team; but his demeanor on and off the field, his apparent lack of effort and even his alleged demands regarding Minnesota Coach Brad Childress all evidently worked together to lead to his release only weeks after the Vikings gave up a third round NFL draft pick to get him from the New England Patriots.

Titans Offense Opened Up

By adding Randy Moss Titans offensive capabilities might be greatly aided, if only they can get him to play hard and to show up even when he does not get the ball 10 times a game. Tennessee already has the record breaking rusher Chris Johnson, and with a deep threat they can prevent other teams' defenses from stacking the line of scrimmage. Even just having a receiver like that who could outrun his man and go for 60 yards at any given time gives quarterback Vince Young more options and surely helps Johnson as well. This season Johnson has been effective and productive out of the backfield, but nowhere near on the pace he set when shattering NFL rushing records last year. This Randy Moss Titans pairing could theoretically create nothing but trouble for opposing teams. That is, of course, if the Randy Moss Titans relationship is a good one and the talented but high maintenance receiver decides to be a good soldier and do his job.

Tennessee Picks up Receiver's Salary

The way this waiver claim works is that in getting Randy Moss Titans are responsible for picking up what is left of his 2010 salary, the full total of which is thought to be around $6.5 million. That is more than enough money to pay for car insurance and a simple truck insurance quote, but apparently not enough to buy happiness. All he did after being traded from New England was seemingly sulk about not getting enough balls thrown at him from quarterback Brett Favre. This was in addition to constantly praising the Patriots in public. His press conference after the New England Minnesota game was the final straw and led to his release. There were also reports that he had demanded the firing of Brad Childress to Vikings management, though it is uncertain how accurate those reports were or how much influence they might have had on this decision, since players make demands like that all the time.

Randy Moss Titans Outlook

The combination of this speedy receiver, the punishing Chris Johnson and the elusive Vince Young could result in an incredible offense for the rest of the season. Really the biggest questions left are how Randy Moss will respond to the situation and how he and his new quarterback will mesh with one another. If the well traveled former Pro Bowler has the right attitude, this team could be tough to outscore. But the Randy Moss Titans experiment could just as easily fail if the pickup negatively affects team chemistry or morale. The Titans are a competitive squad and they have the tools to make a playoff run. It still remains to be seen whether that will actually happen or not. One of the biggest variables is the newest Titan. If the Randy Moss Titans pairing produces a spark on the team and in him, this could be a group to watch this season.


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