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The Fall of Randy Quaid

Randy Quaid is a terrific actor who has starred in almost one hundred films. Unlike his slightly more recognizable brother Dennis, you may not have heard of a lot of the films he has been in. Even with some very successful roles, he has found himself on the wrong side of the law a few times. He may be most well known as a jokester, but his rap sheet is definitely no laughing matter. Randy Quaid and his wife just can't seem to stay out of trouble lately. How does someone with so much promise get themselves stuck in such a rut? It seems to be an all too familiar story in Hollywood these days despite signs of economic improvement such as rising new home sales.

The Movies and the Man

Randy Quaid is probably most famous for his role in the National Lampoon Vacation series. He plays the crazy cousin Eddie who always seems to find himself, and therefore others around him, in trouble. The role is a very humorous one and he plays it for all its worth. Some of the funniest and most quoted lines come from the mouth of Randy Quaid in those movies. He is also well known for his role in the very popular movie Independence Day. In this film he plays a down on his luck dad who turns into an unlikely hero at the end of the movie. He is portrayed as the crazy guy who thinks the aliens are coming and then he turns out to be right.

The first big movie role for Randy Quaid was in The Last Detail. Not only was this his big break, but it also won him a few award nominations for his work. Randy Quaid has also starred in a few TV miniseries. This, as well as his few roles in the theater, rounds out his career. Randy Quaid had a rocky road in the theater and was sued for one of the shows he was in. Whether on film, the small screen or on stage he had talent and presence that brought people in to watch.

Legal and Personal Issues

Randy Quaid and his wife have gotten into a bit of legal trouble in the last few years, and not with their performance car insurance. The web was abuzz when the wild mug shots and unusual charges were released. In 2009 Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested for allegedly defrauding an inn keeper among other charges. They supposedly ran off without paying a very large tab. After a very lengthy court process with the Quaids missing numerous court dates, the case was settled. His case was dismissed and his wife pled no contest and was given probation and community service.

After their unusual arrest, the Quaids continued to astound people with their wild antics. In 2010 they were charged with burglary when they decided to stay in a guest house that they claimed was wrongfully taken away from them. The current owner proved it was legally hers, and after many more missed court dates the Quaids were arrested again. Once they posted bail they made a run for the Canadian border and requested refugee status because they feared for their lives.

Randy Quaid has had a very successful film career playing the kind of roles that make people laugh. In some ways his personal life has also been sort of a comedy of errors. After a series of very unusual events, people are beginning to wonder if his life is now imitating his art. One can only hope that he will soon pull himself back up and start going down the right.


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