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Range Rover Evoque

Alongside news of Kenny McKinley's death ruled as suicide, another big story is the release of the newest Range Rover vehicle.  Range Rover Evoque is an all new debut for the brand, making its first public appearance at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. This is not a vehicle for those of us who have to worry about our premiums from auto insurance companies every month. It is the epitome of luxury, a beautifully rendered production vehicle that has come out of a recent Range Rover concept that was spotted at auto shows in recent years. The Evoque will go into production for the 2012 model year, giving brand enthusiasts and other interested buyers another entrant to think about when it is time for them to select their next vehicle.

Evoque a Compact Premium SUV

The Range Rover Evoque is a premium level compact sized SUV, a reflection to the company's dedication to broaden its portfolio and to increase its overall market share. Auto designers set out to create a stylish and sporty SUV that is as luxurious as all of the other entrants under the Range Rover moniker. The new vehicle performs like its larger cousins, but in a more compact and refined manner. The Evoque is the lightest and most fuel efficient Range Rover ever built [1]. This reflects the automaker's increased dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. It takes the brand into territory where it has not been before. Given the positive reception the concept seemed to receive at car shows, it would appear that this vehicle is headed in the same direction with buyers.

The Range Rover Evoque is significant in the United Kingdom in the sense that its production creates a large number of jobs for local residents. With many of the vehicles produced there being exported to locations all over the world, this development should be a boon to the local economy in multiple ways.

Refinement of Range Rover Design

The brand has always been known for superior engineering, stability, craftsmanship, and durability. This new entrant into the company's stable of vehicles is said to be right up there with the others in these areas. Well refined performance and all terrain acumen are expected of this brand, and the new Evoque does not disappoint in either account. Interior luxury is not sacrificed at the expense of off road capability, nor is the opposite true either. This is a rare vehicle that is a combination of off road machine and luxurious ride.

The Range Rover Evoque is a vehicle that seems destined to be a niche classic. In other words, it seems to have the refinement and capability to appeal to very a discerning demographic of drivers.

The precise handling and pinpoint suspension of the Range Rover Evoque are quite impressive. This uncanny combination of refined distinctiveness and rugged power is something rather unique. There are not very many SUVs that are as comfortable in the woods as they are in the fast lane. But this Range Rover seems equally suited parallel parking in town or slugging through the mud on a camping excursion.

Release of the Evoque SUV

The Range Rover Evoque has been brought into completion very quickly given that it was only in 2008 that its first version appeared as a car show concept [1]. For the 2010 model year it will be available, meaning that in the autumn of 2011 dealers are likely to begin selling the SUV. It is certain that this vehicle opens up the automaker to customers it was not yet reaching with its existing fleet of vehicles. The new and upcoming Range Rover Evoque will be exciting to wait for and see on the roads.

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