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Rangers Rebound in World Series

The 2010 World Series took another twist in Game 3 as the Texas Rangers came back following two subpar performances in the opening two games of the Fall Classic to get a victory over the San Francisco Giants by the score of 4 to 2. In this game, the Rangers earned the first World Series win by any team in the state of Texas; and it only took the franchise 50 years to do it. The long suffering fan base cheering on the Rangers this season surely loved the outcome of Game 3 as indicated by queries entered into search engines, which even featured two very important contributions by Ranger rookies.

Mitch Moreland, an unheralded rookie on the team, hit a three run homer early in the game that ended up providing enough runs on its own for the win. That's because the team's pitching held up well this time, anchored by the efforts of fellow rookie Neftali Feliz, who threw the ninth inning to earn the save. This game was a sharp departure from the first two games, in which all of the momentum seemed to belong to the Giants. This was just one more indicator of the way things can change in these World Series, which are best of seven games in length but sometimes feel longer, more epic.

Momentum Shift in Fall Classic

In this important game three, the Rangers were back home and feeling more comfortable. Big appearances before the game let the players know how vital this one was. Prior to the game, the Texas players were treated to a visit by former President George W. Bush, who also used to be a part owner of the team before his time in politics. He gave the players a pep talk encouraging them as the game approached. And that great state legend the Ryan Express, Nolan Ryan threw out the ceremonial first pitch, which was of course a fastball.

Regardless of how much a team feels like it is down, sometimes one pitch or one play can change a World Series. After the huge home run by Moreland gave Texas' pitchers some breathing room early on, star outfielder and slugger Josh Hamilton added to the run total with a solo shot of his own. Hamilton's home run was absolutely a mammoth blast, one that left no question about where it was going as soon as it left his bat. Next the World Series turns to game 4, where the Rangers could knot the thing up or the Giants could out a stranglehold on things as they look to close things out.

Lee Declines Pitching Game 4

Star pitcher Cliff Lee had been the postseason darling prior to World Series game 1, undefeated for his career in the playoffs and almost unhittable in all of those outings until the San Francisco hitters tore him up in this opening contest where he did not even make it out of the fifth inning and gave up seven earned runs. Lee decided not to pitch game 4 of the World Series on short rest as he could have done, earning the criticism of many in the baseball community. Had he done so, Lee would have been set up for a possible game 7 World Series outing as well. But he has chosen to wait until World Series game 5 and his normal turn in the rotation. It will be interesting for performance car insurance policyholders to see how he responds to adversity, and how the team works in game 4 of the World Series to try to keep this momentum shift going.


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